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"Romeo and Juliet" is a famous and legendary play written by William Shakespeare around 1595.

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"Romeo and Juliet" is a famous and legendary play written by the William Shakespeare around 1595. Romeo and Juliet stands as a great play in its own right. This is a tragic play about a pair of star-crossed lovers "Romeo" and "Juliet". They both pursue their love for each other even though they were related from two power families the Montagues and the Capulets who have been feuding with each other for years. Romeo knew a good thing that he saw it in Juliet. It was the love at first sight. Shakespeare created a tension in a play by gathering Romeo and Juliet and it increases, as the hatred between the Montagues and Capulets continues. Eventually the play turns to tragic end because both, Romeo and Juliet die at the end and it brings tears to the eyes of the audience. There are many ways in which Romeo and Juliet can be directed. Every production is a right interpretation by the director, the actors and the audience. The director plays an important role in making a movie he/she has to visualise the scene in order to decide how and when a certain scene should take place, also its director's job to instruct the actors on how to bring the script to life. ...read more.


Another reason of choosing Lahore is because there are beautiful gardens, fountains and the moon and stars sparks very bright at night, which would provide an excellent background for the balcony scene. I will change the costumes of the actors to make the scene even more motivating. I would like Juliet to wear white blossom robe, as it is a symbol of her virginity. I will also change the clothes of Montague and Capulet; Montague will wear white shirts with grey coats and grey trousers, whereas Capulet will wear red shirts with blue coat and blue trousers. This will make clear to audience that who relates from which family. I will give some romantic music when Romeo sees Juliet come to the window because it will have a great influence on the audience's mind and will realise the excitement that will be felt by the Romeo for his love. When Romeo will be leaving to Juliet, I will make this part of the scene very romantic by making Romeo to kiss Juliet, also I will be shown light on them, which will raise the importance of their separation. ...read more.


Looking at the Shakespeare's poetic, romantic, passionate language I have decided to keep the language same because it is very appealing to the audience and draws audience attention very rapidly. Act 2 Scene 2 illustrates the strength of the Romeo and Juliet's love. In this scene they both express their love for each other and agreed to marry with each other. When they both agreed for married, Juliet was not even 14 years old but still she had an absolute quality of the language and thought. At that time, the head of the household was the sole ruler and decided where to marry his daughter or son. Many marriages were based on suitability, not on love. In conclusion, film is most attractive and romantic way to express the love of two younger, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet tried so much to stay with each other but fate didn't allow them, and at the end they both died. This play is tragedy like others of Shakespeare's such as "Macbeth". Eventually after the death of two innocent lovers, two evil families Capulet and Montague decided not to fight ever. ...read more.

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