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"Romeo and Juliet" is a story about two " star crossed" lovers. Who fall deeply in love with each outher the moment they meet.

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'Romeo and Juliet' "Romeo and Juliet" is a story about two " star crossed" lovers. Who fall deeply in love with each outher the moment they meet. At the beginning of the play Juliet is a child like innocent little girl. She does whatever her mother and father tell her to do, I can tell this by when her mother calls her she runs to her mother, and her first words to her mother are " madam what is your will?" Here she expresses that she is ready to do as she is told. She knows nothing about the world. This is because she has been educated at home. If Juliet does need to go out of the house it is always with the accompany of the nurse or her mother. Juliet is very obedient to her father. The first rapid change we see within Juliet, the innocent little girl. This happens the minute she meets Romeo. She turns really devious. This all happens after Juliet has kissed Romeo, he is about to set off home. Juliet wants to know what his name is, so she asks the nurse, the names of outher young men before actually asking Romeos name. " What's he that now is going out of door?" " Marry, that I think be young petruchio" " What's he that follows there, that would not dance?" ...read more.


One other thing that changes about Juliet is that she does not wait for Romeo to bring up the marriage, but brings it up her self. Which is unusual for the girl to be the one that suggests marriage. After taking matters into her own hands Juliet also becomes very demanding, and impatient, something that you would not expect an na�ve girl to be come like in such short time. " The clock struck none when I did send the nurse: In half an hour she promised to return" therefore here Juliet remembers how long the nurse had told she would take and Juliet had remembered, this also shows that Juliet has kept track of time and has been counting each minute the nurse has been. When the nurse does finally return with the answer Juliet does not lat her sit down knowing she is out of breath, she just wants to her the reply back. But the nurse who just wants to play around with Juliet gives her a hard time, by not telling her the answer. When Juliet says " sweet, sweet, sweet Nurse, tell me, what says my love?" Repeating sweet three times Juliet sweet talks her way back to the nurse, which makes the nurse to give in. ...read more.


This is the first time ever she has disobeyed her father. Making her point loud and clear in saying no to marring Paris. She is also very brave when she takes the potion. At first she can't wait to get her hands on the potion, " give me give me". Knowing the potion can go wrong and if she does wake before Romeo has got to her. " When I am laid into the tomb, I wake before the time that Romeo comes to re deem me." She still takes the potion for her loves sake. Again she is extremely brave when she kills herself when she sees Romeo dead on the floor Juliet sees the dagger as some sort of cover that will protect her from everything that is happing and take her to her Romeo " O happy dagger! This is thy sheath, there rust, and let me die." On the whole I think Juliet does what she does because of the difficulties this feud has caused for her relationship with Romeo. I also think that it is good that Juliet changed throughout the story because if she did stay as an innocent girl she would have never gone as far as marring Romeo. Throughout the whole play every change that she made helped her in many ways. If Juliet did not turn crafty or disloyal to her father she would have never ended up dieing with Romeo. Hansa Saleem 11E "Romeo and Juliet" essay ...read more.

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