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Text Transformation - Collage of Catcher in the Rye and Girl Interrupted

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'Young Minds Matter' Appeal TV studio, live audience, lively atmosphere, colourful and exciting backdrops with images of happy children and families, YoungMinds logo. Advert Break into: Presenter 1: Welcome back to this year's "Young Minds Matter" appeal. Tonight's special evening of entertainment is all for the great cause of Young Minds and we truly hope you can give all you've got to help us. We're going to be speaking to some teens who have suffered the debilitating effects of mental illness and hearing how YoungMinds has helped them in their recovery. Presenter 2: Young Minds is committed to helping youths at risk in the community who suffer from a multitude of mental health issues ranging from confidence problems to Schizophrenia. Living with a mental health disorder can be very tough on you and those that surround you, particularly in your teenage years. 'YoungMinds' aim is to provide help to every layer of society that is affected by any of these problems and improve conditions and treatment of these people. Tonight is all about fund raising. You, at home are the most important people to us and it's up to us to prove our worth to you with a night of pure entertainment and reason to give to this great cause. ...read more.


This teacher was very concerned for Holden's safety and wellbeing. He offered him help and support but Holden fled in a panicked and agitated state. His teacher was the one who saved Holden from himself. The teacher, Mr Antonelli contacted YoungMinds and we found Holden, took him to a safe place, contacted his parents and found him suitable accommodation and help. He was diagnosed as having Bipolar disorder and having what's known as a 'conduct disorder'. Holden Caulfield: YoungMinds found me and helped me understand myself. Now I know. I've got help and treatment. For Chrissake, when I was in hospital I was assigned a psychologist, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and a YoungMinds worker. The doctors and all were great and sorted out my thoughts and stuff but my YoungMinds worker, Mary, gave me confidence and damn good advice in how to approach difficult situations. She helped me to do some work and told me about different kinds of learning. These guys, they're not phonies. They're the nice guys, you know, the ones you don't forget about. YoungMinds Spokesperson: We were able to explore Holden's inner thoughts in a relaxed environment where he was comfortable and then we could take a look at what went wrong. Links were made with his feelings of underachievement in comparison to his brothers. ...read more.


Their help meant that Holden and Susanna have been able to regain their lives and relax into a life that we all take for granted. We're delighted to say that 18months on, Holden has been accepted for a place in university to study English and Susanna is writing a novel about her experience in a psychiatric hospital. Shot pans to a grinning Holden sitting in the audience with his sister and Susanna next to him. Presenter2: Come on down kids, come and have a chat. They come down the steps from the audience and sit on stage with the two presenters. Presenter1: So, how did you find that? Holden Caulfield: I think it's kinda great that we're able to express what we want to say to let people know how important this all is to us. Susanna: I'm loving the idea that people know what's going on and some of the stigma is being worn down. Since I've been out of hospital, I've found the negatives attitudes that I face from people have been worse that the actual mental illness. Presenter2: That, people, is why we so need your money to help us change the stereotypes employers, friends, family and anybody else make about people with mental health problems. Presenter1: We're going to have to cut to another commercial break but don't go anywhere. Up next is Rick Stein, cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 2,275 words ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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