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The outsider.

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The outsider My nerves started to expand as the chanting grew bigger, repeating the same phrase - "Prove it!" The very moment I felt like gathering all my power within me along with the frame of mind to bust out to beat them all up, if I had enough courage- courage within myself, courage of support from someone else- someone else like my friends. Unfortunately, I had no friends- at least no friends who had enough guts to pluck out a strike on the whole bunch of that crowd howling at me- howling at me to wear a headscarf in school. They say it was an ancient theory to believe in religions and gods and etc... but I don't consider that. I think if there is a God then he's out there somewhere judging our lives, throughout the life of our planet earth. "God wasn't only present in the past, he still is and always will be- after all he is THE GOD!" I attempted to clarify it to them but they were not satisfied enough. ...read more.


... But NO, they were not satisfied. I tried to take mind of them to create some sort of happy thought in my mindset to fly myself into a completely opposite world that full of peace. Until, as a run of the mill Steven's best friend- Andrew, (the second nastiest in the gang), of course he would have had some type guff to utter. " Hey guys have you realized how much Semara's has altered the subject from her being bald and only wearing a headscarf to cover it up?" Andrew revealed his words to remind everyone to laugh at me even louder. " So Semara aren't you gonna prove it us that you are not bald and you are not hairless on your head then?" " Yeah Semara- PROVE IT!" the whole bunch of bullies hollered once again. I had tried hard- hard not to do any sin- sin like ending up slapping one of them, or go completely the opposite direct and cry, shattering into tears- to make a bigger fool of myself. ...read more.


Andrew announced his little speech to persuade everyone to hate me even more. "I think we are all wasting our time this lunchtime entertainment is getting boring- we should gang up and pull her scarf off." In flash off a second I instantly shouted- "NO, ok so what if I am bald? What are you going to do about it?" Silent, the whole crowd went silent within that moment. Even I was socked I said that though it was a lie; beside I knew this silence had a purpose hidden within it. They all started to stare at me giving me horrifying looks, then all of a sudden burst into the biggest laughter of amusement and hilarity ever. I dashed my way around the corner and into the girls' toilets hoping they wouldn't be following me. I could hear the slight roaring chants continuing- saying 'scary cat' and the laughter... well anything mean to them is always amusing. I tried to comfort myself but all that tipped from my tinkling eyes were tears illustrating the faces of the bullies. ...read more.

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