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The poem

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The poem "Carrickfergus" was written by an Irish writer called Louis MacNeice in The 20th Century. It was written in four line stanzas and now I am going to analyse this poem and talk about each stanza. In the first line of the first stanza, we notice that the child Louis MacNeice is using specific detail in his poem as he says he was born in Belfast between the mountain and the gantries. MacNeice was brought up among a lot of divisions and when there was a lot of trouble going on, he mentions divisions in his second stanza when he says, "The Scotch Quarter was a line of residential houses, but the Irish Quarter was a slum for the blind and halt." ...read more.


All throughout this poem, MacNeice mentions the Normans various times; I think that he is emphasizing his knowledge of Irish history. MacNeice also tells us that his father was a rector and he was banned forever from the candles of the Irish poor; again he is showing divisions by saying the Irish are poor. In this same stanza he talks about the Chichesters who are a rich Irish family. The war then starts and Louis uses sensory images; sight and sound. The sight images he uses are the horse with long Dummies hanging from gibbets for bayonet practice, and the sound images he uses is sentry's challenge echoing all day long. These images make the poem more realistic. He then goes on and states that a Yorkshire terrier ran to the gate lodge, marched at ease and sang, "Who killed Cock Robin"? ...read more.


The child MacNeice thought, "the war would last forever and sugar would always be rationed and that never again would the weekly papers not have photos of sandbags and governess not make bandages from moss and people not have maps above there fireplace with flags on pins moving across and across," When I read this I realized that MacNeice was happy to get out of Ireland as he constantly badmouths it and barely has a good words say about it. In the second last stanza, MacNeice shows his memory is working clearly by distinctively remembering everything that happened at that time. In the final stanza, the word puppet is important as it's mimicking the adult world and the last two lines show MacNeice sadness. Overall, MacNeice Had quite a sad time in Ireland as he was brought up through lots of divisions and through the war. ...read more.

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