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The programme begins in a 1985 seaside setting, where the camera starts panning across the screen, with beach arcade music in the background. The camera shows a close up of a girl smoking.

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Episode 1: The programme begins in a 1985 seaside setting, where the camera starts panning across the screen, with beach arcade music in the background. The camera shows a close up of a girl smoking. It follows the girl and shows a number of close-ups of her smoking along the beach. It then goes on to a boy coming home from school. Old-fashioned music and the television are on. The Mother is lying half asleep on the sofa, looking disorientated and confused. The boy's house is shown as working class, by the old and tatty furniture, dirty clothes all around the room etc. The next setting is in girls house. She seems to live middleclass family. I believe this because of the contrasting houses between the girl and the boy, for instances, the girl's house is much larger and has better furniture, whereas the boy is scruffy and aged. We find form the programme that the boy's parents are heavy drinkers, and there is always seems to be conflict between the parents and the boy is in the middle of it all. He can no longer handle it and flees from home, just to get away from them. ...read more.


You hear the two girls talking about life in general. " I hate the norm life, going to school, going to work, dying in a residential home where nobody knows you. That just not for me, I'd prefer to live until I was 20 and say when I'm dead that I had good life." Lilly speaks about the stereotypical view of life. I think that is why Lilly became a squatter, a free spirit perhaps. I think this makes her free person, not weaved into the conventional way of life. We find out that Gemma has moved in with Lilly, subsequently, Tar and Gemma have split up. We also discover that because of peer group pressure, Gemma has fallen into the hands of drugs, moving on from Cannabis to Heroin. This, I predicted would happen, as their way of life shows that drugs are acceptable and I believe that Gemma would give in to the peer strain. Gemma and Tar have fallen considerably apart. Seeing that Gemma is unhappy, Lilly decides to get Tar to force him to come and live with the two girls. Gemma apologises to by buying him a Book on Painting. ...read more.


On many occasions the girls did get abused, and at this point in the film I'm thinking why some people would want to leave the comfort of their home for the street lifestyle (if you can call it a lifestyle)! On one occasion Gemma sees the women that she firstly lived with. The Hippie is worried, she says, "Why are you doing this to yourself, why don't you just go home, I'm absolutely sure that your parents will not be in the slightest bit angry with you, They will just be glad to see you". Gemma bluntly says no. Gemma is not listening in the slightest and walks away. The hippy persists on trying to get Gemma home, but she's just not taking any notice. The next scene shows Gemma and Lily laying on the floor, after just 'hitting' on the heroin. Lily tells Gemma that she is pregnant, and she wants to keep the baby. Gemma try's to change her mind, to have an abortion, as she hasn't got the right lifestyle for a happy baby. Gemma reasons with Lils' and says that if she does want to keep this baby, then she is going to have to give up the 'Rock Chick' life. Compromise is a good way with reasoning with someone. A.D "JUNK" Page 1 of 3 William Johnson 5 More Mr Glackin ...read more.

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