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The Story of A Lifetime

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The Trip of a Lifetime By Aditya Srivastava I finally heard it, 'flight A813C09 is now boarding at gate number 22,' Oliver and I grabbed our backpacks and ran towards the gate. We were two sixteen year olds on an adventure to India, first stop, Delhi. Thirteen hours later we landed in the main international airport. It was shocking at how clean the Indian airport was, I always thought of it to be very dirty and as if we were to step into a developing country. As soon as we landed, we were bombarded with locals providing taxi services, bus services, car services, hotels, trips around the country, the list was endless but it was the trips that caught our attention. We wanted to see and do as much as possible during the four weeks we had. Oliver went towards the holding up a "trips see everything!" sign. 'Are you looking for adventure boys? FREE Trips for beautiful young men,' he said to us in English with a funny accent as his short, almost no eyelashes blinked. ...read more.


When we reached his beat-up, rusty brown van, he opened the trunk and threw my bag inside. I was hesitant, all my clothes, everything was in that bag. I opened the back seat door, jumped in, and pulled it out of the trunk in fear of losing it. Maybe I was just panicking for no reason; he could have just been a friendly local, right? As he drove us down street after street, he kept repeating "we are almost there." I was pretty sure our pamphlet said that it should only take 10-15 minutes to reach our hotel but we had been driving for 40 minutes at the least. I looked at him through the rear view mirror, he looked very egotistic. Danger flickered in his eyes as he swerved and honked his way around the city. Something was definitely wrong, even Oliver could sense it now. "It's ok, you can drop us off here,' I said. All I got back was a very suspicious, dirty look. For some odd reason, his hands seemed to grip the steering wheel harder He pulled over by an abandoned building. ...read more.


You would think he was some sort of sophisticated Robin Hood that stole peoples' eyes and gave them to the poor. We were dragged into another room which had a scalpel and other blunt instruments lying on the floor on a red towel. Blood decorated the floor and walls and there were two buckets of ice on the side. Oliver and I started to really panic, I started sweating so much that my hands were wet with sweat. It was then we realized that these guys were serious; they really did want our eyes. In a matter of minutes, we were tied onto those hospital beds and were unable to move, and right before I was about to be smacked in the face, a police officer barged in through the big door, along with several other men and chased down these bad guys. I immediately took the scalpel off the towel, cut myself and Oliver free and we both ran for our lives. Almost like a typical Bollywood movie, two helpless teenagers about to be killed but are then saved by a bunch of police men who happen to pop in at the right time to save us. It was the trip of a lifetime. Aditya Srivastava ENG3U1 ...read more.

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