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This essay is based on Baz Luhrman's modern interpretation of the Shakespeare play; Romeo + Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet This essay is based on Baz Luhrman's modern interpretation of the Shakespeare play; Romeo + Juliet. It will be focusing on the opening scene, and Prologue. I will be analysing how Baz Lurhman portrays the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. I will also be discussing how the presentation of The Prologue helps the audience to understand the play. The film begins with a blank TV screen. The TV screen could represent the modern interpretation to the play. The screen the becomes occupied by a news-reader, who begins reciting the sonnet. The idea of the sonnet being read off the news, emphasises the how important the situation is. Once the news-reader has completed the sonnet, the TV 'transports' you to the scene of the play; Verona. ...read more.


This allows the audience to correlate the friar's voice with the text, despite the short amount of time in which the text is shown. After the Friar has completed The Prologue, the camera focuses on a family tree, of each family; in turn. Almost as soon as it has shown the family trees, the shot becomes engulfed in flames. The flames could convey a message of hatred, rage and anger between the two families. From the flames, a newspaper heading appears, whilst the flames fade. The heading suggests re-occurring violence between both the Montagues and the Capulets, and could also show that the feud is still as strong as ever. We can then learn that the strongest of the families quarrel lies between the youth of each house. ...read more.


The Prologue concludes with a montage of shots, featured earlier in The Prologue, aswell as a repertoire of emotion-provoking shots, from later in the film. As the closing sequence is shown, shots of fireworks are merged in, to again, establish the theme of chaos. Finally, the title appears, and The Prologue finishes. The final aspect of Baz Luhrman's interpretation, is the Music. Without this particular piece (Carmena Burana), The Prologue would not provoke as many emotions within the audience. This is because; as the tempo, and volume rises beyond forte, Baz secrenises the action scenes to run along side this. He also utilises the piano-pianissimo parts of the piece to again, establish the sonnet. All together, the music adds the element of drama, and strong emotions to the opening scene. Page 1 Romeo and Juliet Page1 Sam Ross ...read more.

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