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This essay will be a comparison of two photographers, namely, Weegee (Arthur Fellig) and Robert Capa.

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John Leigh Photography Essay This essay will be a comparison of two photographers, namely, Weegee (Arthur Fellig) and Robert Capa. The Two photographers documented both political and newsworthy events, Weegee remaining to photograph in New York. Capa spending most of his time abroad, taking pictures of war was his speciality, Weegee's being urban life. Both photographers even lived and worked around similar times in history, Weegee from 1899 - 1968, Capa from 1913 - 1954. Weegee (1899 - 1968) Weegee photographed urban life, documenting violent crimes, disasters, survivors and onlookers. In the 1930's & 40's he gained international attention through his work for New York newspapers and photo syndicates, his work was gritty and portrayed people dealing with situations we cannot imagine. He spent 3 years as a passport photographer when he was hired in 1924 by Acme newspapers. Leaving Acme in 1935 to freelance as a police beat photographer on the night shifts. Soon his photographs were being published in nearly all of New York's papers He really gained respect and attention when his book 'naked city' was published, containing his crime photographs and gritty images of the less fortunate side of New York. Weegee stopped with the crime photography and began advertising assignments for Vogue, Holiday, Life, Look and Fortune. He later began a series of photo-caricatures and distortions of celebrities and politicians. ...read more.


We don't know if he is guilty, or why he has been accused or indeed the details of the murder, but we get a sense he is guilty. The criminal is wearing slightly worn clothing and has what looks to be a plaster over his left eye. Perhaps from his arrest? Or from the crime he committed? The light source in the photograph will almost certainly be from the flash of the camera, as an unnatural light settles the scene. Weegee - Murder in hells kitchen. This photograph reveals a corpse and murder scene as it was left. He has not yet been moved from the moment he died. The man is lying face down on the concrete with a trickle of blood leaving his head. This suggests he was shot in the head, making it almost impossible for him to survive. The way he is laying suggests he died almost instantly and just fell to the floor, his legs and arms do not lay flat or comfortably at all but rather sprawled and awkward. The composition has a very low view point, weegee would not have been standing up when he took this image but more kneeling down to get both the gun and corpse into the frame. The gun lying next to him is certainly the murder weapon. ...read more.


The photographers captured news events and storys, one only in New York, the other, all around the world! But both were highly respected in their time and are still so today, producing some of the finest photographs of their time and times to come. We know for a fact that Weegee cropped and adjusted his images to focus their emotional values, this meant he had a great deal of control over what the final product was and how it would affect people, cropping to allow for a more emotional piece. Capa did not, he would accept the image as it came out, giving it a more factual feel, his images had less strength than those of weegees. The two photographers took images exclusively in black and white but we know colour film already existed. Weegee may have taken his photographs in black and white. This may have been because the photographs would go into a newspaper and would be printed in black and white anyway, but black and white is sometimes more effective at getting an emotion or meaning across, this was probably the main reason both photographers printed like this. Weegee : Murder In Hells Kitchen Weegee : Man arrested for murdering a police man. Robert Capa - Omaha beach landing. Robert Capa - A murdered soldier. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level War Poetry section.

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