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Twelfth night - would you agree with Viola that the use of disguise and deception is wicked?

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  • Submitted: 06/04/2008
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AS and A Level Twelfth Night

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"Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness,

wherein the pregnant enemy does much". (II, iii, 1. 24-25)

consider the various types of disguise and deception in Twelfth Night, how far would you agree with viola that this is wicked?

Deception is a key theme within Shakespearean drama, whether it be tragedy, history or comedy. It is often the cause of a lot of turmoil, especially within Twelfth Night, as there are many romantic difficulties due to the art of disguise. However Shakespeare does not always use deception to cause romantic problems, he shows the act of deceit in many different lights, as is done in Hamlet, for example. Claudius lies to everyone about the murder of Hamlet's father and as a result is guilt ridden, saying "O heavy burthen", so it seems that Shakespeare often intends to portray deception as wicked, but does the audience agree with this concept? For surely some good must come from the great extent of trickery. Twelfth Night is an ideal play to discuss this, as although the chicanery causes a lot of distress, this is evened out by the happy ending we would not receive when discussing a tragedy such

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