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"Write about Fitzgerald's story-telling methods in chapter 3."

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Gatsby Essay. "Write about Fitzgerald's story-telling methods in this chapter." In terms of form in the first chapter Fitzgerald uses the first person retrospective in the main character Nick Carraway. Nick appears to be talking about events that happened two years previously and therefore we receive the information retrospectively and almost in a second hand manner, meaning that it could have been adapted and not in its original form. When using this form of narrative Fitzgerald needs the reader to completely trust the judgement of Nick and his ability to remember what happened in precise enough detail. This trust is created during the first page where Nick himself talks about how people seem to trust him, how de doesn't judge people too quickly and his tolerance of others, "I'm inclined to reserve all judgements... I was privy to the secret griefs of wild, unknown men... boasting this way of my tolerance." The effect of using this first person narrative and having Nick as the central character could mean that the reader considers him as a person who, when re-encountering details of past times, will tell the truth and not have his memory blurred by judgement. ...read more.


At the beginning of chapter two Nick describes to the reader the 'Valley of Ashes'. Fitzgerald uses long detailed sentences to tell of it's eerie presence over the join between West Egg and New York. By using these two paragraphs of uninterrupted descriptive language the reader begins to wonder why this place has such a major significance. It is only at the very end of paragraph three that we see why this build up has been used, "it was because of this that I first met Tom Buchanan's mistress." By leaving the story to resume so late in the chapter Fitzgerald is able to create a scenery in which his story sits. During these paragraphs the tense changes, meaning that the reader is even more aware of the story continuing. The chapter begins in a simple descriptive manner, told in a first person present tense. This means that the time which the chapter is set in is unclear, it could be the day after Nick has met the Buchanan's or it could be years after, in the time from which Nick is reminiscing about the story. However the reintroduction of the story further down the page brings the readers attention back to what the story is about and therefore increasing an amount of tension as the reader is eager to continue the story and find out about Tom's mistress. ...read more.


For example when Nick first meets the Buchanan's the description of their house is vast and exceeds what he expected for his cousin and her husband, "their house was more elaborate than I had expected" The use of this form of language adds to the sense of grandeur which the house embodies and in which Nick stands shadowed with his contrasting "less fashionable" house in West Egg. When describing the setting and scenery around the house Fitzgerald uses plurals and other language techniques to convey the magnitude of the wealth which the Buchanan's are not afraid to 'show off' along with their neighbours in the rest of East Egg. "Jumping over sun-dials and brick walls and burning gardens." the effect of using the plurals simply to describe the garden means that the reader is aware of the amount of money and wealth that the Buchanan's clearly have and their ability to use it on simple indulgences such as the garden. Similarly the colours used when describing the Buchanan's mansion mirrors the lavish richness in which they live, "reflected gold...gleaming white...wine-coloured rug" The effect of using such rich colours imply the old money with which East Egg is affiliated. The deep reds contrasting against the bright whites and embellished with golds make the house seem to shine with richness and wealth and creates a space which seems destined for great things. ...read more.

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