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Alternative sources of energy

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Alternative Sources of Energy Energy is a simple word meaning the ability to do work. We consume energy for all our day-to-day activities. Energy is every where. But the most commonly used energy can be classified into two different forms: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable energy resources can be defined as 'a source of energy which can be renewed or replaced.' These sources of energy are free on earth and are also available in large numbers. Solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, hydroelectricity are some of the examples of renewable sources of energy. Non renewable source of energy is the energy which is non- renewable and cannot be renewed or replaced by any other energy. This sort of source of energy is limited on earth and today most of the world's population is using non-renewable source of energy. Coal, petroleum, propane, natural gas, uranium are all considered to be fossil fuels which is a non-renewable source of energy. Presently most of the world's population is using coal and petroleum to fulfil their needs of fuel for both purposes generate electricity and for other domestic uses. But no one is aware about the different alternative sources of fuels which are renewable and easily available on earth. The different fuels around us can meet our needs of fuels, like hydro electricity (energy obtained from flowing water), wind energy (energy obtained from wind), solar energy (energy acquired from sun), geothermal, biomass etc. ...read more.


Today most of the photovoltaic cells are made up of silicon wafers from crystal blocks in modules. By connecting many modules on can create arrays which are able to generate kW or MW of electricity. PV cells are usually used for powering low demand electrical appliances such as electric fences, battery chargers, lighting, refrigerators, water pumps, and remote telecommunications. India is one of the countries which have long days and short nights. There is plenty of sunlight available and it can be harnessed for many appliances. Solar energy appliances include solar cooker, solar panels, solar ponds etc. PV cells are quiet common in rural areas and remote areas. There are more than 70000 PV cells launched in 8 states of India. Photovoltaic cells are used for irrigation pumping sets, home lightning, street lights. This is one of the appliances that is famous in India, other appliances like solar cooker, solar pond, solar heaters, solar panels etc. are soon going to be implemented in many different parts of India. In order to know how many people are aware about these appliances I conducted a survey in whose results are below: From the results it is evident that most of the people are aware about solar cooker.This is because in India solar cooker have become famous and soon the rest are also going to be implemented by the government. ...read more.


Ethically most of the people think it is a good source of energy because of its various advantages. The people whom I survey also said that India should start utilizing this source of energy to generate electricity. According to most of them, the government should also make the access of these appliances easy and cheap. Morally it is a good alternative source for fossil fuels as it does not harm the environment the way burning of fossil fuels does and also because it is sustainable for long time. Secondly the disadvantages like, it does not work at night, can be resolved such as power saving batteries can be implanted in the solar cell which saves power for night. As the initial establishment cost is high but one can make up the amount in only a few months by sharing that power with other The different ways that one can utilize this energy is by using the solar cookers, solar cells and other solar appliances which are mentioned above. This way the solar energy that reaches earth and has the potential to make a difference in the way we live and also help us control the amount of CO2 being released in atmosphere, can be utilized properly and efficiently. The use of solar energy will not only improve our lives but help other people also specially those who are habituated in rural and remote areas. . Over all I think that solar energy is a very reliable and the best alternative source for fossil fuels. ...read more.

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