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00 Hung Thai , Phu My Hung Dist. X, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam Ms. Blenkiron 1234 A Vo Truong Toan St., An Phu Ward, District XX, HoChiMinh City, Vietnam Dear Ms. Blenkiron: My name is Hai Van Le, and I have been a student here at ISHCMC for 9 years, and I am writing to you to appeal for a raise in awareness about discrimination in our middle school section. Throughout my years at ISHCMC, I have witnessed several cases of students discriminating against one another due to stereotypes from race and sex to personality.


In every school (and ISHCMC is no exception), students frequently judge one's appearance and stereotype each other. From there on, it leads to all the social circles and the ones who are left out remain alone. I am aware of the fact that prejudices are unavoidable as they are formed unconsciously in everybody's minds, but I feel that our school should be more aware of this problem. I know that students are encouraged to work together with people who we don't know so well, people from different countries, people from the opposite genders, but those methods are often ineffective.


I feel we need to raise more awareness around the school by holding programs about discrimination, make presentations, make posters, or just have some discussions about them in homeroom etc... ISHCMC's school philosophy is to 'provide a positive academic and caring social environment that emphasizes the development of the whole child, fostering individual ability within an intercultural community.' I hope that the school maintains its reputation of having a caring environment within an intercultural community as it has alleged to do so. If any plans of programs or projects are being held on the subject of discrimination or stereotypes, you can contact me at van@1234.edu.vn. I appreciate the time that you have taken to read my appeal. Sincerely, Hai Van Le

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