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Explain why there is a need for world development

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Robert Marks 5N Religious Studies Explain why there is a need for world development There are many reasons for why there is a need for world development such as debt, the need to rely on the weather, war and refugees, inequality around the world, natural disasters and the need for education and health resources. There is a need for world development because at the moment some parts of the world owe huge sums of money to the major banks of developed countries and the amount they owe is always growing. Countries are paying back more than they borrowed which means that they cannot progress even if they have paid back what they originally borrowed because they are still paying out for the interest they are being charged There is also a need for world development because some countries rely heavily on the weather in order to survive and in order to be able to grow food. ...read more.


Refugees are also a problem because if they go to other countries they will put pressure on that countries economic status because they require shelter, food, drink and this all has to come from the country they have gone to in order to get away from the war. An example of huge movements of refugees is Kosovo where many communities were destroyed or had to leave because of the war. There is a need for world development because there is inequality between undeveloped and developed countries. In developed countries some people have obesity problems and in undeveloped countries they sometimes have problems trying to grow enough food in order for their people to survive from day to day. Also in undeveloped countries they are using up land which could be used to grow food for themselves, growing cash crops which they can sell to developed countries in order to make money to pay of their debt. ...read more.


As long as some countries are still undeveloped they will always be in debt; also as long as some countries rely on the floods for food, they will never have a definite source like other countries. For as long as there is war in a country there will be continual set backs as buildings are destroyed; while there is inequality between countries, it makes it harder for undeveloped countries to develop because they are always trying to keep up with technology. Natural disasters are unavoidable they will happen from time to time, but they can be forewarned of them; the need for education and health resources is a great one as, if there is no education in a country the people cannot learn and while there is not a standard of health care in undeveloped countries, people will continue to die when they could be saved by basic medicine. Therefore, I have proved, that there is a need for world development for the sake of humanity. ...read more.

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