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8 Benefits of Diversity

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8 Benefits of Diversity ? Language Language is a great way of expressing diversity as we come together as one community and share a variety of different spoken languages. The more languages we learn the better connected we become. Learning and sharing different languages such as English, French, Spanish, German and even Japanese can help everyone to embrace and appreciate diversity. Sugar and spice day care centre is very sensitive to the way everyone communicates at the centre through language and provides interpreters as so necessary to clients who need them. The arts The arts show everyone a difference in cultures and help us to understand the cultures from all around the world. Seeing things like museums, exhibitions, plays and films made in other countries not only intrigues people but also educates them as well, all these things help us appreciate ?difference? and is a way of bringing diversity to a wide audience. ...read more.


Education Education in schools and colleges has increased its value in diversity as they get more involved with different cultures, religions and beliefs. Also schools and colleges offer people the chance to learn a new language which is a great benefit if you would like to travel. The manager of sugar and spice has recently attended a conference on ?understanding how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice in health and social care? she now wants all this information passed on to staff and is planning to run some workshops. Social cohesion A community that sticks together provides safety and understanding the environment. Learning to accept everyone in your community is very important no matter what your background is. Accepting everyone helps things to work and run smoothly. ...read more.


The sugar and spice day care centre ensures that equality and diversity is promoted amongst all clients and by all staff also making sure everyone?s views are acknowledged. Religion Religion can also promote diversity as people from different cultures may share the same beliefs as someone from another culture. Religion can connect people in a good way and they can be happy to share their beliefs with others such as a Buddhist may share their beliefs with a Christian and they can both learn things they didn?t know and accept their reasons of beliefs. The sugar and spice day care centre have people all living together that have different beliefs this can influence them to learn about different cultures and beliefs. ...read more.

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