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A Modest Proposal - confronting obesety

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Lauren Sprouse Eng. IV - C Block 2/3/03 A Modest Proposal In our society, there has become a rather large problem that plagues the bodies and minds of all who are victims and those who must watch it happen. Walking down the streets of our great nation, and the streets from all over the world, I can't help but notice the multitude of people who are grossly overweight and obese. Instead of being able to lead normal, healthier lives, these poor people are forced to live in a world that ridicules and berates them instead of supporting them and encouraging change. Society as a whole has failed them in providing a safe environment to exist. There can be no denying that overweight and obese people are ostracized by our idealistic conception of an attractive person. ...read more.


Depending on height, body weight, body fat and a number of other factors, a mathematical equation will be used to configure a fat index for every person on the planet. Once a year, persons over the age of 18 will be required to weigh-in at convenient locations. Those who are determined to be overweight by the formula will be sent to an "emptied out" Greenland (renamed Fatland) to live with other people of their kind. After living in Fatland for the total of 365 days, each person will have the opportunity to be checked once again by the formula. If they are determined to be at a normal, healthy and attractive weight, they will be allowed to return to their homeland. If they are not, a chance will be offered to them after another 365 days. ...read more.


Those on Fatland can finally learn to live where there is no discrimination towards them because of their weight. Instead of Julia Roberts' and Calista Flockharts to be compared to, role models will have a dress sizes closer to their age. Clothing shops, restaurants, houses - every aspect of society will be recreated just as pleasently on Fatland to cater to the more dense needs of its inhabitants. As society in the world will go, citizens will be much happier having only beauty to look upon. They will have more space to move about it, and more resources to consume. Please do not assume that I am proposing this for my personal gain. I am not fat, so I will not benefit from the burden of ostracism that will be lifted from the victims. I also have no fat friends or family, so everyone I look upon is greatly beautiful. This is not a selfish proposal. It is one that will benefit all for the rest of eternity. ...read more.

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