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An illness can be influenced by stress due to the way we react to that stress.

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An illness can be influenced by stress due to the way we reacts to that stress. The body's response to a stressful situation is to release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones travel in the bloodstream which increases the heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. This happens to prepare the body for flight or fight. If this continues on daily basis it adversely impacts the immune system which weakens the body to infection and illness. A certain amount of stress is a normal part of every day life, when this stress becomes relentless that it can lead to physical and mental illnesses. ...read more.


Some of these stress-related illnesses include irritable bowel syndrome, heart attacks, and chronic headaches. Stress-related emotional illness may be influenced by stress resulting from major life events, like marriage becoming a parent, or retirement, it can also be due to a chemical imbalance an example of this is depression. In addition to stress, coping styles are also related to the development of illness. Coping is defined as the behavioural and cognitive efforts a person uses to manage the demands of a stressful situation and so changing or controlling the effects. ...read more.


Avoiding and managing stress will not cure MS, or make a sufferer invulnerable to new episodes and it will not completely stop the progression of the disease but will lower the severity. Ways of controlling stress to lower the effects of MS include: Behavioural approaches, these strategies include relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and physical exercise. All of which lower blood pressure and teaches the body to control what it perceives as stressful and so lowing the affect on the immune system. Therapeutic massage relieves stress by relaxing the large groups of muscles in the back, neck, arms, and legs. Cognitive therapy, this approaches teaches patients to reinterpret stress in order to alter the body's physical response. http://mslessstress.com/ Notes ...read more.

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