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Assess how healthcare workers can provide a positive experience for those using the health care sector.

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Unit 18 - Working in the health sector In this assignment I am going to assess how a healthcare worker can contribute to providing a positive experience for users of health services and evaluate the requirements of healthcare workers in relation to the provision of a competent workforce in health services. I have already achieved P1 as I passed P7 in Unit 6. A health care worker can contribute providing a positive experience for users of health services as they can respect their privacy- pulling the curtain around them if they are getting changed or if putting a towel on them if they are having a bed bath, this will make the service user feel respected and valued. The health worker can be confidential and not tell things to people about the service users that would breech confidentiality like what is up with the patient etc. They need to be polite so then it shows the service user they aren't rude and they can trust them, a good work ethic is essential as if the worker was lazy and didn't get any work done throughout the day they wouldn't be professional. ...read more.


be as anxious or worried as many people do come to the health care settings feeling uptight and worried as they might not know what is going to happen so it can be good if they are feel comfortable. If there is a waiting time the health care worker should be informed of this and they should tell patients how long it is going to be and if possible offer them something to drink if it is a long period of time- there should be a reason why and apologises should be made, this will make the service users feel valued because they have been informed of the waiting time and just being sat there for a long time. They should be organised as if there are people waiting and people need to see someone else before the doctor, and they aren't organised, this will delay the time further for the patient and they could get angry and feel more worried as to why they are waiting to see their doctor and get more anxious. ...read more.


The person may not end up getting the job because of their age- however; the employer cannot disclose this on the application form as this would be discriminating against age. The employer has to give everyone equal opportunities to be able to become a health care worker, they may feel like their training isn't sufficient enough even though they have all the skills and qualities that are needed, and also a clean CRB. However the employer may feel they have found another candidate with not as many skills and qualities but more than enough training, training is often expensive and skills and qualities can be built on and improved so the employer may choose the person with more experience. The person wanting the job may not respond to situations well and panic at the first sight of blood or something like that, this wouldn't be good for a health care setting as they will come into contact with blood at some point. The person may not fit well into a team and not have any team building skills or know how to work as part of a team; this could be a problem if they are thinking about going into a career that involves working with people on a day-to-day basis. ...read more.

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