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Careers after studying Biology.

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Careers after studying Biology Epidemiologist Epidemiologists solve disease mysteries. They are scientists who figure out what causes a certain disease and why some people get the disease and why some people don't. Then they can tell people how to help prevent the disease. Epidemiologists study many different diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. They often study epidemics, which are unusual outbreaks of diseases. Forensic biology Forensic biology involves the detection, identification and comparison of biological materials relating to many legal aspects. Many subjects that come into the remit of the forensic biologist include DNA profiling, blood pattern analysis, entomology and the analysis of textile fibres from clothing to name but a few. ...read more.


May also conduct autopsies to select tissue specimens for study. May also engage in research to develop techniques for diagnosing and identifying pathological conditions. May also study anatomy of body tissues, formation of organs, and related problems to obtain data on body functions. Palaeontologist Paleontology is the study of the history of life on Earth, as reflected in the fossil record. Fossils are the remains or traces of organisms (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria and other single-celled living things) that lived in the geological past and are preserved in the crust of the Earth. There are many subdivisions of the field of paleontology, including vertebrate paleontology (the study of fossils of animals with backbones), invertebrate paleontology (the study of fossils of animals without backbones), micropaleontology (the study of ...read more.


Phlebotomists work in medical laboratories in hospitals, for-profit laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, and associated healthcare industries. In rural Alaska, phlebotomists are employed in hospitals, subregional clinics, physician's offices, and other medical laboratory settings. Physiotherapist Assesses a range of health problems resulting from illness, injury, disability or through ageing. Treats these problems with massage, movement, exercise and technology.Uses physical means to treat and prevent damage and relieve pain by treating injury, illness and other conditions. Assists the rehabilitation process by developing and restoring the function of the body, enabling patients to improve their mobility and use of their bodies.Guides the patient through a treatment programme, directing or assisting movement. Operates equipment that assists in the treatment process. Gives advice to patients on ways to prevent physical damage or reduce its effects. ...read more.

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