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Continual Professional Development in education.

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Continual Professional development P5, Vocational Experience for health and social Care I did work experience at Booker Park School for behaviour and learning difficulties for over two months and have seen and found out and learnt many examples showing the staffs Continuing Professional Development. At Booker Park School there are 175 students and 132 staff. Teaching staff usually have very good qualifications and experience, which includes certificate in Education have BA Honours in degrees and specialist teacher qualifications. The Teaching Assistants have degrees and are placements form university courses. Their qualifications can include higher level teaching qualifications and many years of experience. (Staff worked for years and worked in different areas of school throughout career whether it be a disability learning difficulty or behavioural) Importance of Safeguarding We all have the right to live our lives free from abuse - It is recognised that certain groups of people may be more likely to experience abuse and less able to access services or support to keep themselves safe. Health and Social Care workers are expected to take active steps to develop their learning appropriately for the specific care that they do they are required to: Understand how they learn Understand what they learn from formal study Set goals for personal development Plan for personal development and implement plan Monitor a progress against the plan Reflect on progress Development of plan with regard to career aspirations. ...read more.


Teachers in Training - they apply what the lead class teacher wants to do for today's learning. Teaching Assistants - they assist the teacher, they do take part in one-to-ones that can include reading. They make sure the child is doing what they need to "their the eyes". Work Placement Students - Take part in the normal classroom activities, which can involve talking and reading to children and doing smaller tasks such as cutting up the fruit for snack time. This is important as it is mandatory that children have fruit and vegetables in school. M3,How continuing development of staff can enhance the care of patient/users of services Continuing professional development (CPD) Good aspect is it will help tutors and Subject Learning Coaches work together to develop effective assessment strategies for their learners and extend their practice. There are three activities, each with sample session plans, hand outs and slides. They may be offered in any order at the facilitator's discretion. It may be helpful to allow independent learning time between activities. Another advantage of Continuing Professional Development is it can enhance the care of patient and users of services by the staff keeping up-to-date and learning new skills and competencies in the fast changing world in which we live and work. CPD is defined as the maintenance and improvement of knowledge vital for keeping up with the huge variety of patient and user needs skills and competence throughout a professional's working life. ...read more.


Most activities in my work placement will have relevance to professional development in one form or another however some will be more effective than others in satisfying the needs of a CPD plan. Possibly the most effective learning opportunity is organised support at work. The support provided by colleagues or mentors is significantly effective. The style of support is also crucial, solving problems and meeting challenges as part of a cohesive team is the most effective. Work experience whether within a structured and regulated situation or requiring significant innovation is also an extremely effective way of achieving CPD goals. Informal discussions are also very useful especially when conducted with subject specialists or work colleagues. Interestingly those activities that people most often associate with CPD i.e. attendance on short academic and training courses and postgraduate programmes are not considered to be as effective as the activities I mentioned above. These are still however valid means of maintaining my CPD. It is also interesting to learn that formal reviews informal debriefings and individual reflection on experience are not particularly effective as learning opportunities. Publications although often cited as useful vehicles for CPD based learning are really only effective when the individual wishes to find out how to perform a specific task. Despite this many professionals spend considerable time reading publications and this will add to the knowledge base of individuals and therefore will assist in maintaining an individual's CPD. ...read more.

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