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Describe the stages of the communication cycle. Explain how the communication cycle may be used to communicate difficult, complex and sensitive issues.

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Lizzi Cheslett Developing effective communication in health and social care P2- Describe the stages of the communication cycle The communication cycle has six different stages that help you communicate your ideas words, signing or another effective method. It also takes into consideration how you are putting your idea across e.g. body language. The communication cycle can help you to communicate when there circumstances that it may be hard to put your idea across or it is a sensitive subject. 1. Ideas occur You have an idea that you want to communicate. 2. Message coded You think through how you are going to say what you are thinking. ...read more.


6. Message understood If all goes well your ideas will be understood but this does not always happen the first time. M1- Explain how the communication cycle may be used to communicate difficult, complex and sensitive issues. The six stages of communication cycle include ideas occurring, the message being coded, sending the message, the message being perceived, decoding the message and the message being understood. Now all of these steps can help in the communication of complex topics. The Communication Cycle is a very useful thing to use when trying to communicate sensitive subjects. If we are trying to communicate, for example, someone dying, we can use the Communication Cycle to make sure that we don't say anything insensitive or even hurtful to the person who is meant to be receiving the information. ...read more.


The place and method of communication is also important in communicating a sensitive subject effectively and sensitively. If you are there to tell someone that their husband has passed away, you cannot phone the widow at work and tell them over the phone that their husband has died. The sensitive way of dealing with this situation would be phoning them and asking them to come to see you now if possible as you have some important news to tell them. When they get there you must make sure that you don't tell them the message in the incorrect way. You must think of the communication cycle when dealing with these types of sensitive situations to prevent hurting someone or making the person more distressed. ...read more.

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