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Doctor-patient relationhip: study and analysis

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Shuker 0 American University of Science and Technology by Mohamed Shuker Research Methodology HMS 250 Spring 2004 Submitted to: Dr. Karim Nureddein Date May 27th 2004 Shuker 1 Abstract This research is about studying closely the doctor-patient relationship and its development through the history of medicine itself. The paper will discuss the way doctors look at patients and the way they treat them not by medicines but by considering them as human beings. The paper also introduces the Hippocrates oath which commits the doctor to ethical practice of his/her profession. Introducing also, in the paper, Dr. Patch Adams a great pioneer of defending patients' rights. Finally, the paper discusses the same issue in our Lebanese society and suggests solution to the problem. Shuker 2 Table of Contents Chapter 1-Introduction to the medical profession and the doctor-patient relationship. A-A brief look at the history of medicine. B-History of the doctor-patient relationship. B.1-Doctor-patient relationship during Islam. C-The shift from humanity to commerce. D-The code of medical ethics. Chapter 2-The Hippocrates oath and its applications in the contemporary world of medicine. A-Who is Hippocrates? B-The Hippocrates oath. C-How much the Hippocrates oath is practiced today? Chapter 3-The Patch Adams story and its affect on the American medical profession. A-Who is Patch Adams? B-The Patch Adams Effect on the American medical field. C-The Patch Adams Movie and the coming to fame. D-The Gesundheit hospital. Chapter 4-Doctor-patient relationship in the Lebanese medical system. A- The health care system in Lebanon. B- The patient in the Lebanese medical system. C- A good step to the future Chapter 5-Concluding and assessing the study by suggesting solutions to problems addressed. Shuker 3 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION AND THE DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP A-A brief look at the history of medicine: Since the beginning of time, man has struggled against illness and diseases, and in the middle of that struggle the medical profession emerged as a vital and crucial profession necessary to the survival of mankind. ...read more.


While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times! But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot!" (400 BC THE OATH by Hippocrates Translated by Francis Adams) As shown above this oath stresses on the ethical aspect of the medical profession, the doctor swears that he will practice his career with most dignity and decency. This oath commits the doctor to treat patients with clear conscious and never give any medicines which harm any person and never perform abortion surgeries etc..... C-How much the Hippocrates oath is practiced today? Taking in consideration the circumstances of the medical industry in the world in general, we find a major trend to consider the profession of medicine as a commercial profession rather than a humane one practiced by a man to help a fellow man overcome a disease. Although the Hippocrates oath is still performed until the current time by all the newly graduated doctors without ay exception, most of those doctors do not commit to that oath. They consider their profession as a gateway to fame and financial security disregarding the humane aspect of their job. This problem is worldwide; however, the United States has the biggest anti-commercialization of the medical profession movement. Just like Ralph Nadir who was the first man to Shuker 10 defend consumer rights, Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams was the first who defended the patient's rights as a human being and not as a medical case. The Patch Adams story will be discussed in the next chapter. Shuker 11 Chapter 3 A-Who is Patch Adams? Hunter Adams is an American doctor who changed the way doctors treated patients in the USA. During the late sixties Adams was a young lost American who was deeply put down by the way he lived his life. ...read more.


Although the Lebanese law gives the patient the right to sue doctors for malpractice, not a single case is registered to have convicted a doctor who didn't perform his job with good conscious. Sometimes hospital commit awful crimes at the excuse that the patient didn't pay the fees "A Lebanese hospital refuse to let a mother see her new born before paying the fees" (Assafir newspaper 2003 ). Lebanese doctors are far from being humane, all they care about is fame and money and the patient is not even on the list of their priorities. The quality of life is not in the dictionary of the Lebanese medical system. D-A good step to the future Shuker 16 Despite all the misery, there a little bit of hope that someday Lebanese doctors will start to respect patients' needs. The AUH hospital has taken a good step toward this goal by holding training sessions for all doctors and nurses to teach them how to be nicer to patients and how to understand the patient. But what we need more is a Lebanese Patch Adams who defies all the odds and triggers the spirit of change. Shuker 17 Chapter 5 Concluding and assessing the study by suggesting solutions to problems addressed. There few things that people can't live without: food, beverage, shelter, and medical treatment. A doctor is a very important person and from that particular concept, a doctor should realize that everyone needs him which gives him more responsibility not more privilege. The medical field has come a long way since the day of sorcerers and magicians, but despite all that the medical field especially in Lebanon needs a lot of improvement when it comes to the doctor-patient relationship. Medicine is a human science, and with the word human come the word, mercy, tolerance and sympathy. That what exactly lack the medical profession. Also with the word human comes the best word which will make us hold on pretty well the word is "hope". ...read more.

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