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Drug Abuse

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A drug is ?a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being? (Dictionary 1). Even though most teens are using drugs as an enhancement, drug abuse for teens is a world wide spread problem. Drug abuse is especially bad in the United States. In a survey, the website teenhelp.com reported that 34.3 percent of high school seniors used marijuana in the last year. Marijuana is the most used drug of teens but over the past 12 months 5.3 percent of high school seniors has used cocaine and 10 percent used stimulants and 4.2 percent used inhalants. Causes of drug abuse have had efforts to solve but they do not work. If drug abuse is still present, the consequences can get worse. There are many causes to drug abuse. The number on reason why students do drugs is because they are stressed and want an escape from reality. ?An accompanying study showed that parents severely underestimate the amount of stress their teen is under and the impact it has on their life? (?Top 10 Reasons of Drug Abuse?). ...read more.


Teens might have issues with social acceptance which causes stress or the availability of drugs and alcohol from parents could lead a teen to drug abuse. People should be focusing on ways to solve teen drug abuse. There are many ways to solve teen drug abuse. The first attempt to solve teen drug abuse is to make drugs illegal. An example of a law is a drug-defined offenses and that means ?violation of laws prohibiting or regulating the possession, use, distribution, or manufacture of illegal drugs? (Drug-related crime). This did not solve the problem because not everyone does what people tell them and people break the law. Another attempt to solve teen drug abuse is to just try talking to a teen about not doing drugs. Some people think that ?talking openly and honestly with your teen and keeping a healthy home life may prevent your teen from trying alcohol and drugs? (Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse) but that is not always the case because most teens will want to rebel. A third attempt to solve teen drug abuse is to have teens take voluntary drug tests. ...read more.


Teen drug abuse also causes emotional issues, ?like anxiety, depression, mood swings, or hallucinations. Either of those symptoms can result in death by suicide or homicide? (Teen Drug Abuse 2). If a teen is acting kind of crazy with anxiety or mood swings it can cause people not to want to be around that person. Another effect of teen drug abuse is less participation in school, ?the teen may also have less interest in school and skip classes? (The Effects of Teen Drug Abuse on Families). There are many consequences and negative effects of teen drug abuse. To solve the issue people need to focus on serious possibilities only. A few ideas to solve teen drug abuse could be mandatory drug testing. For example, if you wanted to do extracurricular activities you have to take a drug test at certain high schools, ?her older son also has random drug testing at his public high school, but only for kids who participate in extracurricular activities? (Clayton 1). A second idea would be sending a teen to rehab. It could save someone from hitting rock bottom, ?the sooner your teen gets help for drug abuse, the more likely they?ll be to avoid the long-lasting consequences? (The Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens 2). ...read more.

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