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Effective communication questionnaire analysis

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Section A: My performance Item 1: I spoke clearly at a steady pace, pausing only when appropriate. How well do you agree with this statement? 100% of the audience either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement. This is a good indicator that I delivered a clear presentation, which is important as all of those factors help the audience stay focused on what I'm saying. For example if I was pausing at inappropriate times they may become disengaged or bored. A study conducted by Roberts et al. showed inappropriate pauses to reduce willingness of the other person to agree with what is being said. Item 2: How could I have improved on my tone of voice? The majority of the audience (66%) didn't provide an answer. This could be due to how I wrote it, where they thought they didn't need to give an answer, or simply they didn't think my tone of voice needed changing. If I wanted more accurate data on this item I would re-write it to include what to do if I didn't need to make Improvements on my tone. Of the minority (33%) that did give an answer, the modal answer related to being too serious, for example one comment was 'less serious tone'. This is one aspect that I noted myself that I should improve upon, as using humour and smiling relaxes the audience and promotes participation. ...read more.


Item 3: Did the case study of Joe help you understand the child's perspective? 100% of the audience agreed that it was helpful using a case study in the presentation. Most of the respondents then went on to say why they found this. A common answer was 'it was a lot easier to understand what you were explaining'. One respondent also mentioned my analogy of the concert, which was not included in this question but I did forget to create an item about it, so this response however did help me evaluate that aspect of the presentation. Item 4: I understood the definitions of the non-verbal skills. How well do you agree with this statement for each skill? Skill Strongly Agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly Disagree Facial Expression 1 5 0 0 0 Gestures 1 5 0 0 0 Touch 2 4 0 0 0 Eye contact 2 4 0 0 0 Proximity 2 4 0 0 0 A similar pattern to Item 1 in section B arose, with the majority of people agreeing with the statement. This similarity can be explained by how I did the presentation: both verbal and non-verbal explanations were presented in the same short and clear format. This method seems to work well with my audience, as they seem to understand the definitions from both sets of skills. The modal rating was agreeing with the statement, similarly to the other question. ...read more.


This was a concluding question, which drew together all the skills, examples, and definitions I had taught to help them evaluate how well they can communicate with the client group. The aim of the presentation was for them to be confident in their ability to do so, and the results on this item were promising. The modal value was 7, and all but one rated above this score. It is important to realise that other factors including personal experience, qualifications and other training with this condition affect the persons confidence, which may explain why one person only rated a 6, while another rated their capability a 9. Item 4: My handout was informative and useful. How well do you agree with this statement? The handout was intended to summarise the main points of the presentation to reinforce what was learnt and also display the information in a different form. Everyone found it useful in aiding the presentation. Item 5: How could I improve my talk? This was a vital question in helping me evaluate my weak points in the presentation. 100% of the respondents who did answer this question highlighted my performance as the main area to improve upon. Some mentioned my tone 'sounding less sharp', which linked back to my lack of humour use in the presentation while others noted my disposition 'relax more' to be the main area I needed to improve upon. I agree with both of these statements as I felt I came across to serious, and due to being nervous did not seem to relax in front of the audience. ...read more.

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