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Effects of microwave Radiation On The Human Body

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Effects of microwave Radiation On The Human Body I am going to research the effects of microwave radiation on the human body mainly from mobile phones. I am going to collect a wide range of information from a number of reliable and different sources. To research the effects of microwave radiation on the human body I am going to look at five different sources. Firstly I am going to look at the Internet to find two sources of information one from a scientific organisation and one from a mobile phone manufacturer. Because the Internet has a lot of unreliable information I am going to run an advanced search from the Google search engine. This will mean my sources are not useless thoughts of random people. Secondly I am going to find two sources of information in different encyclopaedias. I shall look at two different encyclopaedias and select relevant information to my research. Thirdly for my last source I am going to look at a textbook that is written for school use, so the information shall be relevant and non-biased. For all my research I must be selective and only pick out relevant facts for my research. Some of my research may be bias so I shall state whether it is and the reason why it may be bias. ...read more.


* At one end of the spectrum are the low frequencies used by television and radio broadcasters and at the other end are the very high frequencies of ultraviolet light, x-rays and gamma-rays. In the middle are the frequencies used by mobile telephony and satellite providers as well as infrared and visible light. * Crucially the spectrum is clearly divided into 'ionising' and 'non-ionising' radiation. Only very high frequency ionising radiation (which is x-rays and gamma rays and not cellular frequencies) has sufficient energy to break chemical bonds and affect the DNA in living cells. Thermal & non-thermal effects of RF * Thermal effects refer to the heating effect of non-ionising radiation, which occurs whenever a body absorbs radio energy. It is well established that the body can naturally cope with any mild temperature rises without any ill effects, but heating above a certain temperature can cause adverse effects. * Therefore the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has established stringent guidelines (with multiple safety factors to account for population variances such as age, size and general fitness) to regulate emissions from all radio emitting devices, including those from mobile handsets and base stations. These guidelines ensure that no device can have power levels that could produce harmful thermal effects. Very often other scientists do not obtain the same results when they attempt to replicate the experiments. ...read more.


This heating would therefore eventually end in the drying out human tissue and cells. All the research states so far that there is limited research undertake up to this point about the effects of microwaves on the human body. This is especially well stated by the orange part of my research. The National Radiological Protection Board and The world health organisation both agree that there are resulting changes to reaction speed, brain activity and maybe even psychological effects because of the exposure to Rf and Microwaves. Evaluation If I was to improve my research techniques I would collect a wider range of research from lots of different sources using modern and less modern research. I would look a number of different sources of exposure to RF and Microwaves like mobile phone masts and handsets. I would also look at different levels of exposure and the effects on different parts of the body e.g. the brain, heart and other soft tissues. I could be more selective with the parts of research I chose and the sources of this research that they came from. I could look to see if the pros weighed out the cons to using mobile phones. I could look at the different harms resulting to the use of mobile phones. Because of the insufficient research into the effects of RF and Microwaves and the probable bias of my research I do not feel I can draw a conclusion from the evidence in my research. ...read more.

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