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Evaluation of interview.

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Evaluation of interview For my interview I decided to interview someone who thought they were pregnant. While interviewing the patient there were a lot of things I felt I shouldn't have done. When I welcomed the patient into my office I didn't close the door behind them and so all the noise from outside was coming in and it was hard to hear what she was trying to say to me. There was also lack of privacy lack of confidentiality; as everyone would be able to know all about the patients problems. I wasn't very professional during the interview as I didn't wear the appropriate clothes, I just had casual, every day clothes, and I felt I should have worn something smarter. ...read more.


When I was taking the patients blood pressure there was a 5 minutes silence as I didn't talk to her about anything which I could have done, I should have used more small talk e.g. weather, holidays etc. When the patient first came in I think I did quite well as I welcomed her in and tried to make her feel comfortable by talking and asking her questions. Also I made the patient see that I was listening to everything she was telling me. I think I made quite a good effort to communicate although it was a bit poor sometimes as I sat there in silence for a while because I didn't know what to talk about. ...read more.


know what to say and I confused myself at the end when I was explaining where the patient would be having her pregnancy test. While I was talking I wasn't very confident and I made it obvious that I was nervous as well as I kept on playing around with my pen and smiling all the time, and laughing because of how nervous I felt. While we were doing this interview it made me think that I wouldn't like to be a doctor in the future as I don't think I would be very confident in speaking to different people everyday. I think there are many more steps I would need to take before I get to that stage as confidence comes with years of practice. Sam Archman 12C Health and Social Care Mrs Arkle ...read more.

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