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Explain six potential hazards that could be found in a health and social care setting

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P1 - Explain six potential hazards that could be found in a health and social care setting. 1. Kitchen Cutlery (safety) : Any sharp cutlery (knives, folks e.t.c) that is given out to the service users should always be returned to the careers as soon as the service user has finished using the cutlery because if they're are left with the cutlery, this can come as a huge hazard to the service user if they keep the cutlery. It can be a hazard to some of the service users who are suicidal as they will use this cutlery to harm themselves. ...read more.


3. Wet Floors (Safety) : If the cleaners clean the floor with any liquids and the floor is left still wet, this will be an obvious hazard to the service users and other workers because if a service user slips over the wet surface they will hurt themselves. To reduce the risk, the cleaners should always put up "wet floor" hazard signs so that the service users and other workers are more aware and careful while walking on the wet surface. 4. Loose Wires (Safety) : Any loose wires on the floor can be a hazard to the service users as if the wires are not sorted out in an appropriate manner they will trip anyone and this could cause serious damage to the service users. ...read more.


the clear to the service users, they are more likely to spread diseases among the people around and to reduce the risk of this happening, the carers should always dispose the used materials away from the service users and into the right coloured bin. 6. Blocked fire exits (safety) : Fire exits should always be clear of any heavy material at all times, so that the hazard risk is reduced. In case of a fire if the exit door is blocked, this could prevent the service users or any other people in the building escaping the fire which is why it is a huge hazard if the fire exit is blocked. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a good essay but a little descriptive in places where it would help to expand a little.

The writer could extend the work by discussing how the hazards would be a danger to the client users.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 13/08/2013

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