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Explain the influences of a recent or emerging national policy development on of organisational policy with regard to anti-discriminatory practice.

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M1: explain the influences of a recent or emerging national policy development on of organisational policy with regard to anti-discriminatory practice. In health care setting 'Every Child Matters' policy is about the children that should be healthy, staying safe and enjoying and achieving what you can do in school. In this report I am going to talk about the health and safety and talk about enjoyment and well-being of the children. There are quite a few health and safety guideline which the school gets involved with in order to keep the students which attend the school both safe and healthy. To start with, Kingsbury high school has healthy food in the school canteen e.g. more fruits and vegetables, more hot meals have been to the school canteen e.g. pasta, curry dishes and have changed the drinks to juices and water instead of fizzy drinks because Jamie Oliver wanted children to eat healthy foods and exercise more to become more healthier because of teenagers that are becoming more obese in the UK. In the school there is PE lessons twice a week in the lower building and once a week in the upper building of the school. ...read more.


Also in the health and social care course the school gives the students on the course a chance to do work experience within the health and social care setting e.g. doctors, schools do with health, social workers so this makes a positive contribution to our lives as students because they create equal opportunities for everyone to experience work that they want to do and it makes them want to this kind of work in the future. The students like to enjoy and to recognise their achievements and the KHS helps students enjoy life and achievements because they give several opportunities such as chess club which student compete to win, sports clubs which students can play their favourite sports and also compete with other people to win prizes, school trips like duke of Edinburgh and art trips. There is also a MV 'Millennium Volunteers' programme which is set up by the school which allows the students to volunteer in various activates for example: library monitors, primary school helpers, move it volunteers. Furthermore, they do a sports leadership course e.g. HSLA which can give them a sports leadership award and can be qualify them in sports leadership. ...read more.


In addition, there is Young Enterprise which is a other programme that is set by some of the teachers in school and allow students to design or make their own product then there sell it out to the student, teacher and also have sell them out to the stores in Tesco and after it is done they keep the profits because it was a big success to them. So in general, Kingsbury High School has plenty of opportunities that KHS offers to the students to promote anti-discriminatory, also there offer health and safety which keeps everyone safe and have healthy options to eat. The school also offers a positive contribution to the student of the school which helps the students think of the right direction or the right pathway for their future, also the school does try the best they can for the students economic well-being by putting the student's best interest at heart. So this show that Kingsbury High School has promoted the best way to show anti-discriminatory practice in the school. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sana Parkar 12BE ...read more.

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