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How legislation, policies and procedures promote health, safety and security in health social care settings

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´╗┐Unit 3 ? Assignment 1 task 1 How legislation, policies and procedures promote health, safety and security in health & social care settings. P2 Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings (IE2, IE3, IE4, CT3, SM3, EP4) For this assignment you need to write about each of the laws/policies/procedures listed below. You must explain, in your own words, what the law/policy/procedure stands for and its basic principles. You must then go on to explain how it can affect the care setting. Law/Policy/Procedure Key Points Influences in Care Settings Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 1. This is the main piece of legislation covering occupational health & safety in the UK. ...read more.


2. Other ways in which this law can influence a care setting is to ensure the setting is providing a high quality of care, using relevantly trained staff. Data Protection Act 1998 1. All data must be processed accurately and fairly. 2. Peoples data should be collected only for one or more specified and lawful purpose only, and it should not be used for any other reasons 3. All data must be up to date 4. Personal data should not be kept when it is not needed anymore 5. An individual has the right to remove things that are not accurate. 6. Personal information should not be processed or sent to other countries 1. All care setting should process data accurately and fairly 2. ...read more.


1. All care setting employees must be trained on how to deal with actions that need to be taken whenever in a situation. 2. All employees must know the control of the risks 3. All care setting must ensure that control measures are used and maintained 4. The care setting must provide training on dealing with risks, injuries in the care setting as this may prevent less risks. Care Minimum Standards 2003 1. All people must receive the same care and attention. 2. Promote good care 3. Provide high quality care and support 1. The care setting must make sure that they are all trained and try to promote same care and attention to everyone 2. All employees must provide good care 3. The health care must provide high quality care and service. Phone: 555-555-5555 Fax: 555-555-5555 E-mail: someone@example.com Product/Service Information Suffolk New College Tel: 555 555 5555 Your business tag line here. ...read more.

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