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I will evaluate the effectiveness of how multidisciplinary work for patients, I will state what the multidisciplinary team is and its strengths and weaknesses.

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D2- In this task I will evaluate the effectiveness of how multidisciplinary work for patients, I will state what the multidisciplinary and it's strengths and weaknesses. I will also looking look at a MDT who work within the health and social care setting and state how this MDT is helping its patients. Multi-agency working is the bringing together of different professionals who work together, providing their own service and sharing their information. There are many benefits of multi-agency working which includes: information sharing; sharing of skills, knowledge and expertise; the fostering of shared decision-making, shared ownership and shared responsibility particularly in drawing up joint procedures and strategies. Strengths and weakness of multidisciplinary for service users Now I will talk about what I think are the weakness and strength of the multidisciplinary team MDT. One strength of multidisciplinary for the service users is that they get to have the best health care services as they have professionals from various backgrounds working with them. Having different professionals who are there to work and share information together until their patients are in better health is a very good benefit for service users. However this can also be a weakness as sometimes service users do not want their information being passed around or shared, this can sometimes be a barrier for the multidisciplinary team. ...read more.


These teams are based at teenage and young adult cancer units. The team work together to coordinate the patient's care and support, wherever a young person is having their cancer treatment. How patients are helped This care unit is especially for teenagers and young adults, they help their patients in many different ways as every member of team profession is related to children somehow. They are there to guide their patients through every step of their illness by helping them with medications, chemotherapy and by offering them the support they and their families can have. A strength that comes out of the multidisciplinary cancer team is that since this team is made out of some many different professionals, the patients can get immediate help if there is something wrong. E.g. if a young teen has just been signed to the care unit, their feeling will be all over the place since they will be very overwhelmed, they can go and talk to the psychologist or the social worker of the care unit, but in cases like this psychologist are more recommended as they can help patient to deal with their emotions, however patients can decide whom they would like to talk to. ...read more.


It will also permit them to have more opportunities in life to be able to do what they want instead of worrying of being unable to achieve because the difficulties that are experimenting. It will also give them to chance to go to school like very children but still have the help that they need if the MDT feel like they are quiet ready to be able to go on their own yet. Even though some may that all this is unnecessary some are grateful for the help. Overall I think that the MDT is a very good thing, I think that having many professionals from different expertise working together to help someone is really a good idea that should develop more so that everyone can apply to it. Also having different people working to together on a patients makes that the patient will have the best treatment possible as all arguments, decisions and opinions are taken very seriously, after all these people are there to make sure that the patient is getting the best possible care. I think that when you have many people working there finally a solution is easier and faster than it would be if a person was working by them self. MDT is the possible solution to our health treatments for the future and I am all for it. ?? ?? ?? ?? D2 Unit 18: Working in the health sector ...read more.

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