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In this essay I am going to describe the process for initiating, maintain, developing and concluding a helping relationship.

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´╗┐Unit 24 ? P1 In this essay I am going to describe the process for initiating, maintain, developing and concluding a helping relationship. In order to have a helping relationship and number of rules and professionalisms need to be used to make sure the relationship stays professional at all times and that the vulnerable client is kept safe. When in a helping relationship the relationship needs to be ethical and have appropriate boundaries that both the professional and the client adhere to. In a helping relationship it is important that the client does not enter a non professional relationship. This would be overstepping the boundary for the professional. Because of the sensitive nature of helping relationship the client is regularly in a very vulnerable position, it is important that the professional recognises this and does not take advantage of the client when they are vulnerable. This type of relationship relies on the confidentiality of the client not being broken. Rules about confidentiality are normally set up within the contract. ...read more.


It is also very important that the counsellor recognises when they can no longer help the individual effectively and the individual is referred on to someone who is better trained in caring for their individual needs. This keeps the client safe and makes sure that all of their needs are catered for. Trust is an extremely important part of a counselling relationship as the people who turn to counselling are normal at a critical stage of their lives and are also very vulnerable. Without trust it is extremely unlikely that the client will benefit from counselling sessions and so without their problems will not have a chance of being solved. Clients need warmth and respect in this type of relationship and this could be delivered through speaking and a comforting hand on someone?s shoulder; however, it would not be giving a client a hug as this is crossing the boundaries of a professional relationship. Carl Rogers talked of a person centred approach of giving warmth and putting the client at the heart of the care that is being given. ...read more.


If the client became dependent on the sessions they would not be able to cope with life problems on their own and would always resort to counselling. Whereas if counselling works and the client doesn?t become dependent on it, it is likely that next time they suffer a crisis in their lives they will be far more successful at coping with it on their own and would probably not need counselling. When counselling sessions are coming to an end it is important to discuss future ways for the client to cope and deal with problems in their life for the future, this is so they are prepared for life without counselling and have the tools to manage their life on their own. If this did not happen the client would be likely to crumble. To conclude in this essay I have described the process of starting, maintaining, developing and concluding a successful relationship between client and counsellor. I have wrote about what needs to happen for the relationship to be successful and I have described what would happen if the right things did not happen in this type of relationship. ...read more.

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