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In this task I will carry out a health and safety survey of a local environment used by a specific patient/service user group.Check list for a school trip to the farm. Age group 9 years old.

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In this task I will carry out a health and safety survey of a local environment used by a specific patient/service user group. As a care worker you could potentially work with a variety of different clients in many different settings. Before you take a service user out you need to plan ahead to be sue that you are not likely to endanger them. This may involve visiting the environment beforehand to familiarise yourself with any actual or potential hazards. Check list for a school trip to the farm. Age group 9 years old 1. To ensure safety and security did any staff go to the farm before the actual day of the trip to do a risk assessment? No, we planed just to go the same day because we didn't see the point of going days before to see the place since it just a farm and no danger can be found there. 2. Was the buses you travelled in big enough for the children? No, because we did the error or juts booking one bus, so some teachers had to take some kids on the school mini buses. 3. Was the trip suitable for all children? Yes, children's with health problem would extremely be supervised during certain activities. ...read more.


Firstly I would like to recommend them about the way the have not visited the place before taking the kids there, this a very dangerous thing to do because they need to see what the place is like and if there is any danger that could affect the children's, this should not be ignored just because they are taking them to a farm. You never know where you can find danger and it's better to always be prepared. The fact that they are visiting a farm doesn't reduce the amounts of dangers that can be found, example some farm don't have to right closures to keep the animals inside, or the closure that their animals are in is not solid enough and can fall at any moment. So when they visit the farm they can see this and then they will decide if they really want to come to this farm considering the dangers it has in it. Also always send form to parents three to two weeks before the trip to inform parents about it, this would give enough time to parents to read and see what the trip is about and also inform them about the health and safety that would be provided. Is always better to that because then parents can't come and complain about short notice events and if they don't want their kids to ...read more.


Also every member of staff should make sure that every kid wash their hands or use anti-bacteria gel after touching the animal's and before and after eating but also after leaving the farm. No matter how clean the animals are washed they still have bacteria which can be harmful to the children's, and if the children's touched them and don't wash their hands after they will catch these bacteria's. Is the kids' responsibility to watch after themselves but also the staff to ensure that they are safe. If there is any hazards such as broken stairs, broken tables and dirty pathways that are found in the farms it self, then the staff need to make sure that the kids stay away from it or just that they be careful when they walk next it. The manager of the farm need to fix anything that may be harmful to people, such as broken steps or any other equipment, also they need to lock away their farm machines, if they wish to display certain things to show their visitors then that's fine as long as they have someone to supervise what ever machine they have on display, and make sure that no one gets harm because of it. ?? ?? ?? ?? P5 Unit 3: Health, safety and security in Health and Social Care. ...read more.

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