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In this task I will give a description of three examples of a legislation, a policies, a standards or codes of practice that influence provision of health service for service users.

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P4- In this task I will give a description of three examples of a legislation, a policies, a standards or codes of practice that influence provision of health service for service users. There are many legislation, policies and codes of practices in the health services in England. Legislations such as the health and safety act Work Act and Data protection Act are the main and important legislations in organisations such as schools, care homes and nurseries. Under legislations there are policies these are policies can be the confidentiality policy and the anti-bullying policy however there are many more as each organisations has a different one but the confidentiality policy and anti-bullying are the ones that can be found in care homes, nurseries and schools. Codes of practices are what organisations expect their employees to follow in order to provide good care for their service users. The Health and Safety Act The health and safety at work Act 1974 also referred to as HASAWA or HSW is the main piece of legislation covering occupation health and safety in the United Kingdom. ...read more.


1995 - Food Safety Act 1990 - Control Of substances Hazardous to Health Regulation (COSHH) 2002 - Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 etc... Source: http://www.governornet.co.uk/cropArticle.cfm?topicAreaId=28&contentId=722&mode=bg Accessed on the 22nd/3/11 Policies. Every organisation has to have their own health and safety policies to state how they will operate under the legislation. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 state that organisations must have a health and safety policy. Most organisations also have a variety of policies linked to their regulations. These would include: Manual Handling Policy; Disposal of Body Fluids, and; First Aid Policy. Other policies are only relevant in certain setting, such as: Challenging Behaviour Policy, and; Medication Policy. Confidentiality policy The confidentiality policy plays a big role in organisations as most of their service users prefer that their personal details stay private and within that care setting. It is rare that organisations don't have a confidentiality policy as this policy is there to ensure the safety of those who attend the organisation. ...read more.


The care value base offers guidance and sets standards in organisations. http://www.slideshare.net/j.slack/what-is-the-care-value-base Standards and codes of practice in care homes provides clear guidance on aspects of care and management, underpinned throughout by the recognition of the right of older people to be treated as individuals, and to be treated with dignity and respect. The aim of the standards is to: * protect the interests of weak vulnerable people from possible exploitation, abuse and indifference; * ensure that providers have a clear view and understanding of what is required of them; * protect staff in carrying out their duties; * Ensure that care of quality is provided in an environment of quality. Legislations, policies improve health services by making sure that every legislation or policy that comes out benefit them and protect them in a way or another. It also way to make sure that people are safe in certain environments, that they are not being discriminated against and that organisation are encouraging equality and diversity. ?? ?? ?? ?? P4/M3 Unit 18: Working in the health sector. ...read more.

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