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Obesity is a condition where the body weight increases due to having an unnecessary amount of fat caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or sometimes, genetics.

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Obesity in Our World Obesity is a condition where the body weight increases due to having an unnecessary amount of fat caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or sometimes, genetics. This have been one of the most concerned about problems about health recently, especially in most developed countries. The world's obesity rate has increased rapidly because of a lot of advancement in technology and people's lack of control to what they eat and do. There are several reasons that can cause obesity, but the majority starts with laziness in exercising. The effects of obesity might be underestimated, but obese people are jeopardizing their health with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and certain kinds of cancer. It can also cause depression and low self esteem. The number of overweight people has increased so much - in fact, nearly more than half the population of America are obese. It is time to look more carefully and pay our attentions to this problem. [1] [2] [3] Thanks to today's modern and advanced technologies, science has come up with various ways to reduce obesity. ...read more.


Even with all the medication available, it all depends on the person. Whether they choose to live with their condition or seek out treatments, it is their choice. Though if someone did choose to take on surgery, they can lose weight for several years but there might be a time when the effects stop, and weight will be gained again. The obese patient must change their lifestyle in order to have a long term weight loss, and that is something that science cannot interfere with. Also, not everyone can afford getting these treatments. Having all the scientific treatments are useless if one's living standards are not high enough and cannot manage to pay for them. [4] [5] Culture can have many things to do with being obese or not. Race is not a factor, as obesity affects all races, genders and ages. One's nurtured environment can play a big part in this. It all depends on how you were raised and where you lived. It is shown that the poorest 25% of a population is twice the amount of people in the upper classes of the economy. ...read more.


Therefore, the openness and acceptance about obesity in Western's culture has leads to the increasing in rates of overweight and obese people. In many places, obese people are treated differently from others, particularly school aged children as they are often teased by their peers. It can lead to low self esteem, depression and eating disorders, which, in severe cases, can lead to suicide. [9] Obesity is one of our society's problems right now. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many of us are underestimating the effects of obesity. We just know that being fat and ugly are unhealthy, yet very few of us can actually have the consciousness to prevent it. Working on staying fit is not only beneficial for our internal but also external body. Based on many researches, obesity is a disease that we can prevent all the time. Therefore, why wouldn't parents, spare some more time to avoid our children from junk foods and eat-out? As us, teenagers, why wouldn't we show some more concerns to this health hazard and start living a healthy lifestyle? Vigorous and balanced diets with daily exercises will definitely be a big step for a future healthy life for all of us. ...read more.

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