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p2- Social model of disability

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´╗┐Unit 26 P2 describe models of disability Social model of disability The social model of disability is civil right base approach to disability; it was developed by disability people in the 80s and 90s. This model focuses on challenging and removing the barriers in front of disable people, barriers prevent disabled people from living full and active lives These barriers including: Buildings are built that disabled people cannot get into. Information is produced in ways that disabled people cannot benefit from. Stereotyping disabled people prevent us from having the same opportunities as non-disabled people. ...read more.


In their view disability is caused by the barriers that exist within society and the way society is organised, which discriminates against people with impairments and excludes them from involvement and participation, rather than by a person?s impairment or difference. The social model of disability looks at ways of removing barriers that restrict life choices for disabled people. When barriers are removed, disabled people can be independent and equal in society, with choice and control over their own lives. Disabled people developed the social model of disability because the traditional medical model did not explain their personal experience of disability or help to develop more inclusive ways of living. ...read more.


This provides a dynamic and positive model which identifies the problem and proposes a solution. It moves away from a position of 'blaming' the individual for their shortcomings, argues that impairment is and always will be present in society, and suggests that the only logical outcome is to plan and organise society in a way that includes, rather than excludes, disabled people. This model also makes a clear distinction between impairment, a condition, illness or loss/lack of function, and disability, barriers and discrimination. The Social Model takes the focus away from impairment and places responsibility on government, organisations, businesses and individuals across all sectors of society to identify and implement constructive changes to remove barriers and increase access ...read more.

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