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P3: describe the influence of two predictable and two unpredictable life events can affect an individuals development

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P3: describe the influence of two predictable and two unpredictable life events can affect an individual's development Starting school or nursery Starting school or nursery could be the first major life event that a person goes through and lots of people can remember their first day at school. Those who start school are normally nervous yet excited, this is because they are looking forward to being in a new place, yet scared because they don't know what it's going to be like. Children may end up crying for their mother or father or carer because it could be their first day without them and this could make them miss their loved ones. When it comes to the time where the child is starting school for the first time, they don't know what to expect from all the new things they learn and all the people they meet. When at school children tend to learn a load of new things and they will put energy into work as well as putting energy into meeting and getting to know people. ...read more.


The news of a new baby coming into the family can excite younger children, as they may want someone to play with and someone to look after, however an older children may feel jealousy when the baby is born as they may feel the child is taking their place as they might not have realised how much care and attention a baby needs and so feelings of being unwanted and lonely can occur. When a child is born it is easy for the parents to make the older children feel wanted they can do this by getting them to help with caring for the baby. The older child may also feel happy with the fact they have a sibling because it is someone to hang out with and play with. The self-esteem in the older child may rise as they believe they have a responsibility in making sure their younger sibling is ok. However the child can feel resentful of the baby because the baby may be getting more attention off their parents and so as they get older they may start competing for their parents attention. ...read more.


means they may be sleeping rough and this can make them feel unwanted and unloved and that they are good for nothing. Bereavement People die during any life stage, this can be either due to an accident or due to an illness; however many people tend to live a very long life before we lose them. Loosing someone you love, care about and respect can be extremely difficult, if it is a loss of a partner the survivor may be that distraught that they become depressed and even die not long after their partner has, which is called dying of a broken heart. With losing a partner of so long can mean it gets some taking used to, to become a person living on their own again. Those who are emotionally stronger will try and move on with their life, this doesn't mean they don't care, it just means they are stronger if they move on instead of living in the past and upsetting themselves, however some people may be that upset by the fact they have lost someone it can take them a while to get out of the rut they put themselves into. ...read more.

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