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Produce a hand-out that could be used to help staff understand why three service users have difficulty with eating.

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6A. Produce a hand-out that could be used to help staff understand why three service users have difficulty with eating. You should include information for three from: * Confused patients * Service users who have difficulty swallowing * Service users who have poor eyesight * Service users who have chewing difficulties * Service users who are weak through illness or disease. Confused patients: There are many service users who are not able to decide for themselves as to what they would like to eat or what they have eaten already such as a service user saying to a care workers that why don't you ever fed me whereas he just ate dew minutes ago. There might be some service users who will not know what to eat or what is best for a healthy diet they are trying to maintain. These types of confusions can occur when a service user has a physical illness such as having influenza which can cause the service user feeling confused all the time. A stroke can also cause a service user to be confused too because they will not fully react to what is happening around them or when they are eating food they might not know what they are having. When care settings have confused service users the care workers should always try to help them as much as possible to overcome their confusion. ...read more.


Sometime when the service users try to swallow food, it can get stuck into the base of the throat which they will find it very annoying and also might put the off from eating food which they might like. There are many reasons why foods get stuck into the base of the throat these are because: * The muscle doesn't let food enter the stomach * Poor contraction of muscles when swallowing * Some kind of food blocking the throat * Difficulty swallowing solid food Sore throat is another problem which causes swallowing difficulties in service users such as when a service users has a sore throat he might not be able to swallow food easily because if they swallow food then their throat is going to hurt. To avoid this situation the service users have to make sure that they eat food which will not harm their throat and will swallow easily without any difficulties. Emily from Greyfriers had sore throat on Christmas party which prevented her from eating food which was cold and crunchy because it would make her situation worse. To avoid sore throat getting worse she ate food which the service users recommended to her in the pary such as eating cake and custard or eating chicken which she will be able to swallow without difficulties. ...read more.


Without permission it can be offensive for the service users if they receive their meal all chopped into small pieces when they might not want to eat chopped food. Service users who have chewing problems can be because they might have missing teeth such as incisors which they will cut their food with or they might have dentures which makes it difficult for service users to chew as the food might regularly gets stuck into their dentures. To avoid any kind of dentures problem the service users should make sure that they visit their dentist to get their dentures fixed. Care workers should also realise if the service users have difficulties chewing because some service uses might not want to tell someone that their dealing with chewing problems because they don't want to trouble their selves going into hardship such as going to the dentist or the doctors regularly. There are many signs which can indicate that the service users have chewing problems these can be: * Putting effort into chewing * Eating slowly * Choking on food while eating * Drooling * Making noises when chewing food. The care workers should make sure that they ask the service users questions when they are finding it difficult to chew such as asking them 'is it difficult for you to chew on chewy food?' or 'Do you give me permission to give you less chewy food next time' etc... ...read more.

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