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Professionalism and the Doctor/Patient Relationship in The Doctor

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Writing 140 Paper 5 Final 11/16/04 Danielle Hinrich Professionalism and the Doctor/Patient Relationship in The Doctor The importance of consent and self-determination for patients should be the most protected aspect of medicine. Patients should have the right to choose to do whatever they like with their own health, as long as it only affects them. With that said, I do believe that although patients have the utmost right to know anything and everything that regards their health, doctors should be free to practice their job on patients without outside restrictions. Many of the gravest problems in healthcare often stem from doctors being forced in a position to choose between pleasing their patients and appeasing insurance companies. The film The Doctor reveals quite a bit as to how the professional status of doctors affects their relationship with patients and the patients' right to self-determination. Dr. McKee went through a profound transition of his hishis views regarding patient care and professional proximity with patients. At first we see a world of doctors who act jovially during practice and maintain an emotional chasm between themselves and their patients. ...read more.


In the early stages of Dr. McKee's transition he began to realize more and more deficiencies in the medical world he started forming relationships that seemed to have more depth. Dr. McKee shied away from the engineering/contractual relationships he was used to having with patients in which everything was done for each parties self interest rather than with compassion that a doctor should possess. The fiduciary model in which "both parties are responsible and their judgments given consideration" (Callahan 119) is the most ideal because trust is important and both the doctor and patient are placed on same level rather than one party being an imperious figure, the transition was a huge step from where his authoritative and condescending relationships were. Due to the complexity of society and the issues around us today, doctors have grown in their professional significance. It seems as though without doctors, society would not be able to function properly. As Plato said, "The public is not capable of performing every professional duty on their own." (The Republic pg. 40) Not just anyone could be a doctor and our society needs doctors to help heal our health troubles. ...read more.


the matter is chiefly technical one or 2) the value effect is not significant." (Callahan pg. 119). The fiduciary relationship creates a balance of empathy on both sides and a stronger sense of self determination for the client that other relationship models lack. The movie The Doctor does a superb job by making the depth of relationships between the patient and doctor explicitly clear throughout the film. The transition of Dr. McKee's position on emotional proximity with patients shows that doctors can create an emotional bond with patients and not be viewed as weak or inefficient. As a viewer I immediately began to ponder what an ideal model relationship should be and thought about how much self determination patients should have. Although all the relationships have their pros and cons, the fiduciary relationship is as close to ideal that the relationship between patients and doctors can get. Being that the fiduciary model allows for a great amount of self determination on the patients half, it seems most logical that the fiduciary model be encouraged in the medical world. A fiduciary relationship strikes a exceptional balance between the professional status of doctors and its affect on their relationship with patients, all while strengthening the patients right to self determination. ...read more.

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