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promote a safe working environment

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B. Prepare materials for a display to show in detail how care workers could promote a safe working environment when caring for service users with infections. Include information about: * Service users rooms * Personal safety when dealing with infection * How to deal with hazardous human waste. It is very important that service user in care homes are living in a safe environment free from all sort of harm such as spreading of infections. It is care workers responsibility to make sure they prevent all sort of diseases spreading throughout the care home and to provide them with good and safe environment. Service users who suffer from infections and diseases have the right to be looked at in a proper manner and with respect. They can make sure that service users are clean and safe in order to prevent diseases and infections. "Keeping patients safe from infection protecting patients from infection is the responsibility of everyone - including staff and visitors." (http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/patients/infection/) Service user's rooms: When service users catch an infection normally they would have to stay in one room where they would have to sleep and eat together in order to prevent others from catching the same infection. ...read more.


Care workers should always be aware of what type of clothing they wear, they should always wear disposable clothing which they may throw after they have been used. This will protect the care workers from catching or spreading any infectious diseases from the service users or even the other care workers and at the same time it will protect them. In health and social cares, safety is very important. Most employees in care setting are not allowed to wear any type of jewelry or garments which are going to put them at risk or service users at risk i.e. getting their dangly earrings caught in service users hair. Safety of the service user and the care worker is very important. So it is therefore it is significant that the service users should also avoid wearing any type of jewelry such as dangly earrings, huge rings and necklaces. As well as reduces risk it also reduces spread of infection. Annabel is very fond of jewelry, she bought some earrings from Christmas sale, so when he came back to care home, she showed her friend her earrings which she tried on. Her friend told her they looked great on her and asked her if she could try them on as well. ...read more.


There should always be a policy to prevent any harm that will cause to service users through sharp object such as syringes. Service settings usually use syringes for service users only if they really have to. They should make sure they are properly dealt with and after use should be properly disposed in a labelled boxes especially made for their purpose. There are some protections which have to be done to prevent hazardous infections such as: * When cleaning the equipment gloves should be changed. Also when dealing with other service users health. * To wear protective eye-wear to prevent any leaks entering the eyes of care workers. * Cover their wounds and cuts with protectors i.e. plasters. * When dealing with bodily fluids, gloves should be worn. * Care workers to take extra care of sharp objects and their way of disposal. * To wear overshoes to prevent spreading infection from room to room. * Cleaning up bodily mess such as blood while wearing gloves. * Washing of hands after and before the procedure being carried out. Sonya from Greyfriers had paper cut herself while she was reading the daily newspaper. The care worker told her to cover it so it prevents pathogens spreading around to other service users. This is one of health and safety rules which are very important in health and care settings. ...read more.

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