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The Effects of Culture, Positioning and Gestures on Communication in a Playgroup.

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4B. Produce materials to show the influence of: * Culture * Positioning * Gestures Culture: When wanting to communicate effectively two individuals have to make sure that they have no sort of barriers between them which will stop them from communication. They will have to bear in mind that only getting rid of barriers will make the communication effective. Care workers in care settings make sure that they communicate effectively without any barriers to communication. "Effective communication with people of different cultures is especially challenging. Cultures provide people with ways of thinking--ways of seeing, hearing, and interpreting the world. Thus the same words can mean different things to people from different cultures, even when they talk the "same" language. When the languages are different, and translation has to be used to communicate, the potential for misunderstandings increases." (http://www.colorado.edu/conflict/peace/problem/cultrbar.htm) When an individual who is from a foreign country and doesn't not speak English very well then it will become harder for him to communicate effectively because he will not know what to say or what that other person might be saying to him. It is very important for an individual to learn other languages too so that they could communicate with other members of society such as in a early years settings when a Pakistani girl joins and she does not know how to speak English even living in England, it will become hard for her to communicate with other children and staff. ...read more.


In some countries there can be influence of position for example in Hindu wedding the bride and the groom walk after each other, mainly the bride follows the groom and say their speech and promises. Some people might find it a barrier to communication because they might not be facing each other and be classed as a rude act however they believe that the groom should walk first because he has more rights. Whereas in the Christians wedding they make sure that they are facing each other so it is direct communication they are doing while saying their promises and speeches. Also not having an another person as the same level can also make them feel like there is a huge barrier between them and also might not be able to hear that person properly and will misunderstand some information. For example in early years settings the teacher might be talking to Sunhil's and she might be standing up and he might be sitting down which can make him feel that she is standing over him making him have fear and scared from the teacher who is wanting to communicate with him. If the nursery nurse is not at the same level as the service user, then the service user may not take the nursery nurse seriously and may not be able to hear the nursery nurse and may take the information differently. ...read more.


For example when the children come inside the playgroup the teacher will greet them by waving their hands at them, immediately the children will wave their hands back even if the children don't verbally hear the teacher properly. For example in Sunhil's playgroup, if the teacher was to say goodbye to them at home time, the children will immediately know what the teacher is talking about even if the teacher does not speak to them by saying by. The teachers believe that using non-verbal in early years setting is more important than communicating verbally. Using hand signals is also very important in early years setting. Hand signals are very important to use because the teachers can make it easier for children to understand such as if the teacher is indicating to the door the children will know that she wants us out of the room however if the teacher just told the children that she wants them out of the room without hand signals then the children won't know what she might be saying because some children won't be listening and some children won't understand what she is talking about. In Sunhil's playgroup the teacher used the thumbs up sign which on of the kids in the playgroup found strange who was an Australian. So he went and told his parents about this who informed him that nothing wrong with it. The reason he found it strange was in Australia the thumbs up sign means the opposite. ...read more.

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