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"Documentary makers attempt to do more than just entertain their audiences."

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"Documentary makers attempt to do more than just entertain their audiences." What is a documentary? Documentary texts are those which supposedly aim to document reality. It is an attempt to get a 'truth' of people, places and events. Presenting reality however is something of an oxymoron, for it being impossible to represent reality without constructing a narrative that may be fictional in places. The documentary maker generally establishes a position before starting and is often influenced to prove that position. What is entertainment? Entertainment is the provision of amusement and pleasure for a specific person or audience. This may be emotional pleasure, visceral pleasure, intellectual pleasure, counter culture pleasure, counter reading pleasure or genre community pleasure. ...read more.


Although humorous, he does more than entertain, he mocks American society with the idea that both Americans don't know anything outside America as well as the self-centred-cruel nature of American presidency. Within the documentary we see Michael Moore exploring political history of America especially within the case of Gun Violence. He explores this within the introduction of the Documentary; M.Moore presents us with a Banking company who issue rifles with their membership. We see M.Moore visit the bank and win himself a free-gun as he ridicules the American system pointing out to the audience how easy it is for anyone to get hold of a gun. ...read more.


(The shocking element here could be argued to be entertaining). M.Moore then follows C.Heston in presenting him the photo of the victim child. C.Heston reaction reveals to the audience the hypocrisy of such an iconic figure. This to was entertaining but there was a stronger issue on being presented. In conclusion we see that Michael Moore has put into use the documentary forms and conventions and created a message. He gave advice, information and facts, a personal opinion, political history as well as entertainment. He understood that there had to be levels of entertainment for his text to be engaging and this is shown strongly through his use humour. In reference to my definition, the focus of the piece wasn't to entertain but to present Moore's argument in which I personally felt was well crafted. Fadil Channer Middleton - Media ...read more.

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