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How and why were the Bolsheviks able to seize power in October 1917?

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How and why were the Bolsheviks able to seize power in October 1917? In October 1917 the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd, the provisional government had lsted just 8 months, to explain this Bolshevik success we must examine the failures of the provisional government but also the skilful planning of Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The provisional government had failed to give the people what they wanted. The war of 1914 to 1918 had been the root of many of Russia's problems and although during the very early stages of the war it had been popular, massive defeats with the loss of millions of men, for the loss of Russian land had made it extremely unpopular not only did the war cause the deaths of so many soldiers but with all of Russias attention turned to its armies, supply to Russia cities was very poor, as Russia relied so heavily on its railways and they were pre-occupied with the supply of ammunition and food to the war front, food for the people was left ...read more.


bread (which would come with an end to the war) and freedom (which he would create with an overthrow of the provisional government) this was still in the early stages of the provisional government and they still had time to change some things. When the provisional government had come to power the peasants had expected to get a share of the land and an end to serfdom so that they could make money for themselves but the provisional government did not give them the land they wanted, intead they continued with the old systme because they did not want to anger the rich or the church. Lenin had promise to give the people land, now the people would lean even more towards his style of things. Then the people wanted to have elections and elect their own ministers to represent them at government, the provisional government did respond to this in a way by creating Soviets these were councils of workers and peasants elected onto the council by peasants and workers, these Soviets were ...read more.


Bolsheviks threw down their weapons and gave them to the Red Guards they then marched onto the Winter Palace and the seat of the provisional governement Bolsheviks sailors who had commendeered the Russian the warship the Aurora fired blank shells at the winter palace and the Red Guards stormed the gates they met very little resistance from the womens brigade and cadets that guarded the palace and took control of the seat of government. The people were sick of the provisional government which had done nothing since it got into power and thought that the Bolsheviks would be a much better choice because they would give the people what they wanted the Bolsheviks were now in control of the seat of government further affirming their authority however there was a long road ahead before they would be in control of the rest of Russia. They had seized power basically because they had promised to do what the provisional government would do and they had the guts to follow their revolution through to the end. ...read more.

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