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In what ways were the following reasons important factors in the growth of the peace movement in America. a) Experience in Vietnam b) Agent Orange and Napalm c) Blanket Bombing

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Assignment 2/1 In what ways were the following reasons important factors in the growth of the peace movement in America. a) Experience in Vietnam a) Agent Orange and Napalm b) Blanket Bombing c) My Lai 1968 d) Protest movement 1968 - 1973 During America's involvement in the Vietnam War, there became an increasing support for the peace movement. Many people opposed the war from the beginning and gradually support grew as people found more reasons to why the war was wrong. One of the factors that helped change the opinions of many Americans was due to the mass media coverage of the war. The Vietnam War was the first televised war and many people were seeing first hand coverage of the atrocities of the war. ...read more.


This had a very negative outcome. Soldiers and the US public realised that despite all of their technology, money and military support, they would not be able to win the war. The incident at My Lai in March 1968 played a major role in decreasing the support for the war. At My Lai, a frustrated platoon opened fire on innocent villagers believing that they were harbouring VC troops. This carnage was very publicised by the press even though other atrocities had happened before. However this wasn't the only incident of this nature. Other ones were not as publicised as My Lai. The trials of the crimes were also given a lot of public exposure. ...read more.


These demonstrations were often met by US troops and many battles were fought between them and the protesters. In May 1970, at Ohio University, 3000 students staged a protest which ended in four students being shot dead, and 9 wounded by the National Guard. Despite tragedies like in Ohio, thousands of people carried on with their protests. Opinion polls in 1967 show that 57% of the US population wanted the USA to pull out of the war. However this still meant that 43% of the people wanted the war to continue. Many people believed that the war should be fought to show America's strength against communism. Regardless of all the protests and demonstrations, nothing changed in Vietnam. The war still continued. Vaskar Siddique History Assignment 2/1 ...read more.

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