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Is nuclear power the answer?

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Is nuclear power the answer? Whenever the subject of nuclear power arises in discussion, everybody seems to have a strong opinion. Today I will be presenting a case for why nuclear power is not the answer. When Nuclear power is used in warfare it can be incredibly dangerous. The nuclear bomb is a devastating weapon. It is designed to release intense heat and devastation on a target. A nuclear bomb has the potential to cause devastation throughout entire cities and kill hundreds of thousands of people. When used in the wrong way, everybody knows that nuclear power has the potential to be the most devastating weapon known to man. Nuclear power plants can also be very dangerous. Nuclear physicists and large corporate companies like "British nuclear fuel," who run Sellafield argue that when a nuclear power plant is working normally, there is very little danger. ...read more.


If the core is not kept at an acceptable temperature or the control rods do not function properly then a nuclear meltdown may occur. On march 28 1979 one of the worst nuclear meltdowns occurred at the Three Mile Island plant. A meltdown occurs as a result of intense heat causing fuel in the reactor to melt. When a nuclear meltdown occurs, the core may not be able to contain the massive amount of heat and energy inside of it. If this was to happen then nuclear materials, which contain harmful radiation may leak into the surrounding areas. When radiation is released it spreads through the air and causes radiation contamination across vast areas. This radiation can be deadly to humans. The worst nuclear meltdown occurred on 16 April 1986 at Chernobyl. ...read more.


In Britain a �600 million scheme has been set up for the Island Of Lewis to generate 1% of Britain's energy through wind farms. Britain would only need eight similar farms to produce the equivalent energy that nuclear power does. Geothermal plants have been set up in 27 different counties and hydropower already generates about 20% of the world's electricity. It is not just "friends of the earth" and other environmental organizations, which are concerned about the effects of nuclear power but whole countries. Sweden, where nearly half of its electricity is generated by nuclear power has voted to discontinue the operations of any nuclear power plants. Something must be done about this obsolete and unwanted method of creating electricity and I urge you all to join the fight against nuclear power. ...read more.

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