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September 11th the Terrorist Attack

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September 11th The terrorist attack on September 11 will always be remember as the most terrifying day in American History. These attacks left people around the world with feeling of disbeliefs and anger. As consequences, many of American people are blaming all Muslim citizens for the attacks, accusing them as terrorists. There are an estimated of 3 million muslins living in the United States. ...read more.


As result, many Muslim - American are paying a high price for their similarities with the terrorist. They are being humiliated, harassed and discriminated against. There are more than 200 cases of hate crimes reported in Arabic American anti Discrimination Society since the attacks. For instance, a news station reported a week after the attack an Arab American passenger was kicked off the airplane because of the way she looks. ...read more.


I did not find it funny, instead I found very insulting toward her, especially because I know her and I know she is not bad. All these case are true history and people live constantly in pain. Many of them are people with dream and ambition. On September 11 every one saw how destruction could be done in a powerful nation like America. Unfortunately, these events have left many loses including lives of people and economically impact. But we also learned that not all Muslim are terrorist. They are peaceful people like you and me. ...read more.

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