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Should octogenarian war criminals be brought to justice?The myriad of ineffable atrocities inevitably committed in every

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Mark Lim Should octogenarian war criminals be brought to justice? The myriad of ineffable atrocities inevitably committed in every war, particularly with reference to the Second World War, have scarred a generation and its aftershocks have been known to still conjure up national furores against several individual perpetrators-masterminds of genocides and other crimes of humanity. These arcane crimes were brought to light soon after the 1945 surrendering of the axis powers and action was taken to apprehend these callous, barbaric monsters. Some were put on trial and received appropriate sentences, others were let off due to insufficient evidence, some committed suicide and as anticipated, some managed to escape. This group of refugees fled the country, leaving me vertiginous with consternation to think how they could be so hard-hearted and continue to lead a life so insouciant of their deeds, leaving it up to the sinuous lies and the passing of time to cover their trails, or so they think. ...read more.


Although some of the ones in charge were singled out after the war i.e. Rudolf Hess, Field Marshall Wilhelm Keifel, there were probably many more who had involvement with this. For example, Israel Special Forces tracked down one of the architects of the Holocaust in 1960 and smuggled Adolf Eichmann from Argentina to Israel where he was eventually hung in Jerusalem in 1962, at the age of 56. To this day, not all of the war criminals responsible for the most atrocious of crimes have been punished, such as the few remaining members of Adolf Eichmann's Death Squad. A crime committed will have its consequences and nothing can be done to reverse its actions. The phrase, "All's fair is love and war", does have a certain value in times of war. Being fair would be killing your enemy in order for you to survive. Being fair would be sparing the innocence of children and those senescent with humanity values. ...read more.


However, octogenarian war criminals can be classified into two classes. One is that of those who when, trialed, defend their actions of ethnic cleansing. The slightly more benevolent would be those who after all those years of hiding, feel the burden of regret and try to seek repentance, would come as the other category of war criminals. The second type of war criminal is no doubt less odious and deserves more consideration. However, it must be remembered that even if they feel regret now, it had took them 50 years or more to come to their senses. If they had felt the urge to turn themselves up, a better situation could be undertaken such as their help with exposing more war criminals. Also, acts of war crimes might have been ordered through authoritative propaganda where, for example, if you did not shoot a POW, you were shot. However, it is the leaders that international crimes of humanity organisations want and not their mindless minions. Thus, we can safely agree that punishment would be just. ...read more.

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