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The Effect of the Conflict in Vietnam on civilians.

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The Effect of the Conflict in Vietnam on civilians. During the conflict in Vietnam many Americans didn't understand what was going on. The only film that came out of Hollywood during the conflict, about the war, showed American heroism and was portrayed in a cowboys and Indians fashion with John Wayne as the star. The script was controlled by the army and was laughed at by the critics although it did make a respectable profit. After the war had ended, the change in public opinion about what happened during the war was reflected in the new films which gave a more honest and bloody view of the war. Oliver Stone struggled for years to produce a film about his experiences during the conflict. The war affected civilians greatly in financial and social ways. ...read more.


The veterans returned home not to be treated as heroes but as murderers and child-killers. The treatment for injured veterans was poor and those who weren't injured failed to find jobs or return to old ones Overall the war was an embarrassment to Americans and they realised that Vietnam was not a 'good' war and the veterans were an embarrassment of the first war the Americans had ever lost. The cease-fire of 1973 did not end the disorder across Vietnam, the south Vietnamese were not ready to surrender to the communists, and a fragile truce was holding the country together. The country had lost nearly two million men and both sides used the cease-fire to prepare for the inevitable breakout of full-blooded hostilities. The communists infiltrated reinforcements down the Ho Chi Minh Trail and due to aid from the U.S. ...read more.


The economy was in tatters and the southern cities were overcrowded with refugees, people began to flee to other countries to find jobs and escape the communist dictatorship. The only way that the country could find its feet would be through international aid. The U.S. had cut all ties with Vietnam after the humiliation of defeat; this narrowed down the options for the Vietnamese. They now had to rely on the USSR for aid and assistance, however this would not last long due to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the end of the Cold War. Vietnam had to endure further conflicts with China over the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia and hence the economy plunged deeper into turmoil. However steps are now being taken for Vietnam to restore trade links with the rest of the world and improvements are being made and the lifting of the U.S. trade embargo will make the reconstruction of the nation possible. ...read more.

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