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The End of the World May be Closer than You Think

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Matthew Emmons Mrs. Cerrone Langue/Composition AP 8 April 2005 The End of the World May be Closer than You Think Thousands of acres of land are blown away in an instant. A huge mushroom cloud spans across the sky. No life is left in its path. This is what you would see after the United States was destroyed by nuclear, chemical, and ballistic weapons. By whom you may ask? North Korea is a threat to the United States of America's existence. Due to the United States impudence, North Korea has had time to create and arm thousands of weapons to hurt our nation. In October 2002, North Korea admitted to U.S. officials that it had a secret uranium enrichment program for the past 50 years (Handler par. 2). Even after the US knew this, they early attempted to stop the development and research of nuclear weapons. But, North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that was halting them from using nuclear weapons (Handler par. 2). After they fell away from the treaty, the US should have jumped into the area and made sure that they neutralized or froze the nuclear warheads. ...read more.


With even a little bit of training, anyone can be taught to fire a weapon or push a button to fire a weapon that may destroy our troops in South Korea or even those living here in the US. North Korea has received a lucrative bonus from selling mass weapons, uranium, and plutonium to Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Pakistan ("Nuclear Offense" 22). The North Korean's can pass on the weapons and skills they learned using their weapons to those several countries including ones we are at war with. Dangerous, you bet. If both North Korea and Iran go nuclear, experts fear the final collapse of the 35-year-old nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, leading as many as 20 to 30 nations to seek nuclear weapons to protect or use on each other ("Nuclear Offense" 22). With everyone attempting to obtain nuclear weapons, the allies of all nations will fire upon enemy nations and their allies causing a great world nuclear war of destruction. We assess that North Korea has the capability to develop, produce, and arm many biological warfare agents including bacterial spores causing anthrax and smallpox and the bacteria causing the plague and cholera ("Excerpts of the 2000 report..." ...read more.


4). Well, if they are low on funds, it would make perfect sense to sell their strong weapons to other countries to better the economy and increase their military quota. "While North Korea denies possession of nuclear weapons and has frozen its nuclear program at Yongbyon, we remain concerned the North Korea could revive a weapons production program....", says Robert S. Norris, a senior research associate with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an environmental action organization, and an expert on nuclear arms control and nonproliferation efforts (qtd Norris in Handler par. 3). Nobody knows the plans Kim Jong I has for North Korea, but the US should watch out for any possible warning signs or problems in the near future. The United States still isn't doing its all to prevent a nuclear disaster or preventing North Korea from injury or selling any of its nuclear, chemical, or ballistic missiles to any country willing to pay top dollar to help their economy and military standing. North Korea and its secret aliases will continue to hurt the US and the world if someone doesn't step in and monitor Korea's activities very carefully. ...read more.

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