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The following were equally important reasons why stalemate on the western front was finally broken: New Technology like the tank, The Americans entry into the war, The blockading of German ports, The German offensive in March 1918 - Discuss.

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The following were equally important reasons why stalemate On the western front was finally broken: New Technology like the tank The Americans entry into the war The blockading of German ports The German offensive in March 1918 Explain how far you agree with this statement. Question 9 I think all of the reasons mentioned in the statement were reasons to why stalemate broke but some are more important than others. The tank was invented by the Brits, it was first used in September 1916 on the battlefield of Bapaume in France, and it took the German's by surprise because they had not seen anything like it before. The tank wasn't very helpful at first as it kept on breaking down and was too slow, but after many changes it was able to fight through the enemy lines but soon it became too good and infantry could not keep up with the tank so in a way stalemate was broken but it wouldn't be a big enough break through for anything to happen. ...read more.


The blockading of German ports was another reason to why stalemate broke on the western front because it stopped ammunition or any other vital things coming into the country. The blockade reduced Germanys trade from $5.9billion in 1914 to just $0.8 billion in 1917. Germany's soldiers and public became weak and starved and so started striking to stop the war as the people could no longer take the starvation and poverty, the starvation slowed down war production which stopped the production of new technology. These strikes started making Germany look weak and affected the production of weapons for the soldiers in the war and it looked inevitable that they would lose the war because everything was finishing and there was nobody to make more because they were on strike. The German offensive was another reason to why stalemate broke on the western front; it was launched on March in 1917. ...read more.


I think that the American's entry to the war was more important than the Blockade because if the blockade never happened and the Americans still did enter the war Britain and her allies still would have won the war because of the enormous amount of soldiers, money and munitions offered by the Americans to help Britain and her allies. I also think that the 1918 offensive played a huge part in the stalemate breaking because it made the German soldiers even more tired and so the strong and healthy American soldiers could fight back against them. All the reasons are interconnected because for example, the British blockade lead to the German offensive because the Germans had to do something to end the war because the country was in havoc, so they launched the Ludendorff offensive to end the war and hope to win, so if their was no blockade there might have not been a massive attack from Germany and so the stalemate may not have broken for years yet as the same old methods would have still been used and basically no progression would have taken place. ...read more.

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