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The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War During War there are always difficulties and causalities just because of enemies or accidents on your own side. People who die in war should have a special place or thing to be remembered by. In The Monument by Gary Paulsen and The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien there is war. They deal with the Vietnam War which lasted from 1945 to 1975. The war started when the Japanese seized control of Vietnam on March, 9th, 1945. In the summer of 1945 famine struck Hanoi which caused two million people to die. In July, 1945 Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia fall in the control of the French. In August the Japanese surrender ending World War II. Vietnam becomes independent and Ho Chi Minh the president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. On September 13th the British troops arrive in Saigon and then on September 22 the French attack the Viet Minh. 2 days later the Viet Minh massacre 150 French soldiers. 2 days after that there is an American killed on accident. He was Lt. Col A. Peter Dewey. The French arrive to restore their power in October, 1945, which causes the Viet Minh to start guerilla tactics. ...read more.


Viet Cong guerrillas control most of the countryside in South Vietnam in December. The presidential palace in Saigon is bombed by two South Vietnamese pilots on February of 1962. On November 2nd, 1963 Diem is taken into custody by rebel officers and the vehicle stops and Diem is assassinated. November 22 President Kennedy is assassinated. Minh lost his power on January 30th, 1964. IN Mach secret bombing raids begin. On August 2nd the U.S.S. Maddox is attacked by North Vietnam patrol boats. 2 days later, the Maddox, joined by a second destroyer U.S.S. C. Turner Joy begin a series of vigorous zigzags in the Gulf of Tonkin, while at the same time, South Vietnamese commandos in speed boats harass North Vietnamese defenses along the coastline. Crew members reading their instruments believe they have come under torpedo attack from North Vietnamese patrol boats. Both destroyers open fire on numerous evident targets but there are no actual sightings of hostile boats. Two Navy jets were shot down during the bombing raids, which resulted in the first American prisoner of war, Lt. Everett Alvarezon August 4th. On November 1st the first attack to Americans by Viet Cong in Vietnam occurs at Bien Hoa air base. ...read more.


He was later found by Norman Bowker. Lieutenant Cross wrote a letter home to Kiowa's father to tell him of the death. Norman Bowker received seven awards during the war. He received Combats Infantry badge, indicated a real soldier, Air medal, Army Commendation medal, Good Conduct medal, Vietnam Campaign medal, Bronze star and the Purple Heart. Norman killed himself after the war in his hometown YMCA by hanging himself with a jump rope. Azar was shot twice. When he was shot he landed on Rat. Then Rat got wounded and he was shipped off to Japan. The lieutenant also got hurt. Jimmy Cross returned to Vietnam with his daughter for her tenth birthday. The Monument is not strictly about the Vietnam War but it is about deaths in wars. Mick Strum comes to Bolton and starts to draw place in the city. The town has a court house meeting for the monument. Mick wants to make it have 18 trees and a plaque for each person who died in a war. He got what he wanted, so they put in the trees, benches, and plaques. The Vietnam War should also have its own monument somewhere in the United States. 1 This was stated in The Causes and consequences of The Vietnam War by David Wright (1996). 2 Stated in the History place.com website. Robert Taylor Mrs. Morse English 11, period 4 25 February 2002 1 ...read more.

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